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League Leaders Vardar and Shkendija Meet in High Risk Match

-777 sec ago in Sports |

Vardar and Shkendija, who are leading contenders for the Macedonian Football League trophy, face off on Sunday at Skopje.

Malaysia Airport Terminal Declared Safe of Toxins

3 hours ago in World | Views: 40

The airport terminal where the half-brother of North Korea's leader was killed with a nerve agent has been declared free of any "hazardous material" by Malaysian police.

France: Le Pen Aide Charged in Party Financing Probe

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 22:45 in World | Views: 30

A close aide to French Front National leader Marine Le Pen has been charged amid an inquiry into the party’s financing, Euronews reported.

European Parliament Adopts a Number of Amendments on Macedonia Resolution

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 21:58 in World | Views: 111

The Members of the European Parliament agreed on a number of amendments to the resolution it should adopt on Macedonia, which should be put to a vote on March 14th.

Kuwait Could Pay up to USD 60,000 for Party at Trump Hotel in Washington

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 20:58 in World | Views: 66

The Kuwaiti government could pay up to USD 60,000 (GBP 48,180) to President Donald Trump's hotel in Washington for a party on Saturday that will be an early test of Trump's promise to turn over profits from such events to US Treasury, Channel NewsAsia Rep

Winter Edition of the Struga Poetry Evenings Begins in Skopje

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 20:49 in Society » Culture | Views: 65

The Struga Poetry Evenings open their winter festival of poetry in Skopje on Saturday evening at Youth Cultural Center.

Fog Reduces Visibility at the Straza Mountain Pass

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 20:10 in Society » Environment | Views: 47

Fog has reduced visibility at the Straza mountain pass between Gostivar and Kicevo to between 80 and 100 meters.

Francois Hollande Fires Back at Donald Trump over Paris Comments

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 18:46 in World | Views: 75

French President Francois Hollande fired back at Donald Trump on Saturday after the United States president remarked in a speech that a friend thought “Paris is no longer Paris” after attacks by the Islamist militants, Euronews reported.

Albania Supports Serbian Proposal for a Balkan Customs Union

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 16:40 in World | Views: 81

Albania said it will support Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic's call for a customs union to cover the Balkans Peninsula.

White House Briefing Bar: Media Groups Condemn Exclusion

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 15:50 in World | Views: 47

The Media groups have reacted angrily after several, including the BBC, were barred from an informal briefing with the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the BBC reported.

President Ivanov Attends Memorial Service for Soldiers and Police Officers Killed in 2001 Conflict

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 13:58 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 63

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov will attend a memorial service held by Bishop Josif in the St. Joakim of Osogovo monastery in Kriva Palanka, held for the Macedonian army and police service members who were killed or wounded in the 2001 conflict.

Despite Signatures, President Gjorge Ivanov to Seek Guarantee for Protection of Country's Unity

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 12:40 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 262

After DUI’s announcement on Friday, that it would give the signatures of SDSM to obtain a mandate in the coming days all eyes will be pointed to the President Gjorge Ivanov, who according to the constitution should give the mandate.

VMRO-DPMNE: Implementation of Tirana's Platform Means Redefinition of Macedonia

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 11:40 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 350

"VMRO-DPMNE completely opposes attempts to ignore and play the will of majority of Macedonians and willingness of members of other ethnic communities that cast their votes for the coalition "For Better Macedonia".

DUI Agrees to Give Signatures for Mandate to SDSM, but Still Not Decided for Coalition

February 25, 2017, Saturday @ 10:40 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 333

In order to unblock the process for a normal work of the assembly, and aimed at calling the next local elections, DUI decided to give the signatures to SDSM for getting the mandate to form a government.

Olathe Shooting: India Shocked after National Killed in US

February 24, 2017, Friday @ 22:15 in World | Views: 56

India has expressed shock after the fatal shooting of an Indian national in the US, amid reports that the attack may have been racially motivated, the BBC reported.