Macedonia Special Public Prosecutor Fails to Show Up in Parliament

September 27, 2016, Tuesday @ 13:53 in Special Report | Viewed: 59 | Comments: 0 | Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva Photo: Radovan Vujovic

Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva stood up the lawmakers again today.

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Debate Between Clinton and Trump Seen by Record 80.9 Million TV Viewers

1 hour ago in World | Views: 16

A record number of 80.9 million viewers were the television audience last night in the debate between Hillary Clinton from the Democratic Party and Donald Trump of the Republican Party.

Sebastian Kurz: Closure of Migrant Balkan Route Was Correct Step

2 hours ago in World | Views: 25

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said on Thursday the closure of the Balkan route was a correct step.

The News and TV Shows - Most Watched Television Programs in Macedonia

2 hours ago in Society | Views: 28

Citizens in Macedonia do not use only one source of information, they usually turn to television and the Internet for information, show results of a survey commissioned by the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services.

Macedonia's Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Visits France

3 hours ago in Politics » Diplomacy | Views: 42

Macedonia's Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Arbr Ademi held talks on Tuesday in Paris with Harlem Desir, the Secretary of State for European Affairs at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meeting Zaev-Zbogar: December 11th Elections Must Solve Country Crisis

3 hours ago in Politics » Domestic | Views: 46

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, accompanied by the Vice President Radmila Sekerinska, on Tuesday afternoon met with the head of the EU delegation in Macedonia, Samuel Zbogar.

Jens Stoltenberg: 'No Contradiction' between EU Defence Plan and NATO

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg insisted Tuesday that EU plans for increased defense cooperation after Britain's departure would not undermine the transatlantic military alliance, the AFP reported.

Zoran Zaev: I Am Convinced that on December 11th, Fair and Regular Elections Will Be Held

4 hours ago in Politics » Domestic | Views: 39

SDSM President Zoran Zaev, on Tuesday during his visit to Tikves Region said he is confident that on 11th December there will be fair, regular and democratic elections and urged everyone not to put pressure on the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Islamist Militant who Destroyed Timbuktu Shrines Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison

5 hours ago in Crime | Views: 24

The International Criminal Court has sentenced an Islamist militant who destroyed ancient shrines in Timbuktu to nine years in jail, BBC reported.

Hungary Prime Minister: No Link between Migrant Crisis, Budapest Blast

6 hours ago in Business | Views: 33

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Tuesday he saw no sign that the migrant crisis had anything to do with an explosion Saturday night in central Budapest, which wounded two police officers, Reuters reads.

At least 14 Killed in Nepal Road Accident

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At least 14 people were killed in a road accident in Dhading, a district bordering Kathmandu on Tuesday afternoon.

Reports: Three Blasts Kill at Least 17 People, Injure Over 50 in Baghdad

6 hours ago in Crime | Views: 9

Police and medical sources informed that three blasts killed at least 17 people and injured over 50 in predominantly Shi'ite Muslim districts of Baghdad on Tuesday

World Health Organisation: Aleppo Evacuation Corridors Needed

7 hours ago in World | Views: 36

The World Health Organisation wants safe routes to be set up immediately to evacuate sick and wounded Syrians from besieged parts of the city of Aleppo, BBC reads.

Horror Filmmaker Herschell Gordon Lewis Dies at 87

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Horror filmmaker, Herschell Gordon Lewis, also known as the "godfather of gore", has died at the age of 87, the BBC reports.

Russia Slams US Rhetoric for Rising Tensions over Aleppo

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The Syrian military announced a new offensive against the city of Aleppo on Monday .

Ilija Dimovski: SPP Janeva Is Obliged to Elaborate SPO Work Reports Before Parliament

8 hours ago in Politics » Domestic | Views: 37

In accordance with laws and regulations, Katica Janeva is obligated to submit reports, and explain them before Parliament and its committees, head of the VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary group Ilija Dimovski said.