National parks are places of serenity and beauty. The United States of America currently has 62 national parks, owned by the state and are protected so that everyone can enjoy their natural beauty.

But for those who need to use a wheelchair to get about, a national park can be a difficult place to get across. Hills, gravel and rocks make it difficult for an average, indoor use wheelchair to get around.

The Extreme Motus Emma X3 is designed so that everyone, regardless of ability, can enjoy all the activities they want. Its innovative design allows for the wheelchair to move easily over every different kind of terrain.

With this in mind, here are some reasons why national parks should provide these all terrain wheelchairs.

1)    More people can enjoy the park

The national parks are there for people to enjoy and appreciate. But for someone in a wheelchair, these parks can be very difficult to get across.

By providing access to all-terrain wheelchairs, this no longer becomes an issue. These wheelchairs are light to push, and can go over steep hills and rocky valleys, making them perfect for national parks. By providing access for those who need wheelchairs, national parks can be made accessible and enjoyable for all.

2)    Increased attendance in the park

Access to all-terrain wheelchairs means that those who need wheelchair support can access the park, meaning that they will visit the park and therefore increase the attendance.

But it won’t just be wheelchair users that start coming to the park. Their families, too, will be more likely to visit, as they will finally be able to enjoy the park as an entire family.

3)    Safer for disabled visitors

One of the best and most important parts of the design of the Emma X3 wheelchair is that every single wheelchair is fitted with a seatbelt, meaning that it is safe over all-terrains. Moreover, there is the option for a 5 point harness, meaning that those in the wheelchair and their family can enjoy the experience of a national park without having any fears about safety.


National Parks should definitely consider providing their customers with all-terrain wheelchairs. The Emma X3 wheelchair provides safety, fun and a smooth ride for every wheelchair user, and therefore everyone, regardless of their ability, can truly enjoy national parks.