The second largest nursing home in Tennessee is no longer accepting new patients.

Westmoreland, previously named The Brakebill Nursing Home, has been ordered to bar all new patients and residents by Tennessee authorities until conditions are deemed acceptable.

Patient Neglect

The order was issued after authorities discovered a patient was neglected last November.

“Nursing home neglect is an epidemic,” states an attorney from Schenk Smith, a firm that focuses exclusively on nursing home abuse and neglect.

According to reports, the resident fell out of bed in front of a nurse assistant on November 11, 2017. Although the patient complained of intense pain and showed signs of bruising and swelling, she did not receive x-rays for five days. It took an additional four days for her to visit a doctor.

Medical records indicate both of her knees had fractured from the fall. The severity of the fractures caused the patient to be admitted to the hospital to receive surgery. She passed away about a month later.

The resident, whose name has not been disclosed, suffered from dementia, but the nursing home has thus far failed to provide adequate reasoning for this lack of timely treatment.

Tennessee Department of Health Survey

On July 28th, the Tennessee Department of Health issued a sanction suspending new admissions to Westmoreland Health and Rehabilitation Center. It came after the Department conducted a July survey.

According to officials, several violations were discovered in the following categories:

  • Administration
  • Performance improvement
  • Nursing services
  • Radiology services
  • Resident rights

In addition to suspending admissions, the institution must pay six state civil monetary penalties adding up to $30,000. All activity must be overseen by a special monitor until conditions are deemed appropriate for future patients.

According to the Department of Health’s website, “The Commissioner of Health may suspend admissions to a nursing home when conditions are determined to be, or are likely to be, detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of the residents.”

Westmoreland’s History

Westmoreland Health and Rehabilitation Center has regularly been cited the past few years, but citations are expected and frequent in all industries. However, the home’s history and past inspections indicate the nursing home may have been aware of the ongoing issues that led to the patient’s extended pain and suffering.

Past reports indicate the nursing home failed to provide the care outlined in each patient’s written plans. In the case of the unnamed patient, two staff members were required to help with mobility. Yet investigations found only one member was present.

Other previous citations include:

  • A lack of proper food storage and serving methods
  • Failure to take preventative measures for patients to avoid bedsores
  • Failure to permit residents their right to revise or plan their own care and treatment
  • Failure to provide care by qualified professionals as outlined in the patient’s treatment plan

US News gave the nursing home an overall rating of 1 out of 5 after researching health inspections, nurse staffing, and medical care quality measures.