Income inequality is rising in America and it is sure to lead to more mental health problems across the country. Depression is often caused by feelings of helplessness and helplessness is often driven by economic factors. Simply put: People become more anxious and prone to depression when they don’t feel that they are in control of their lives.

A recent study published by The National Institue of Health has even more bad news. The study focuses on the relationship between industrial sites and mental health. The NIH took survey data and overlayed it with public health information to make a startling discovery. It seems that neighborhoods near industrial sites are prone to higher levels of helplessness and mental illness.

Shaping Public Policy

Industrial sites cause entire neighborhoods to feel helpless which can lead to depression on a massive scale. Neighborhoods of minority populations and low-income neighborhoods are especially prone to feelings of despair and mental illness. The NIH even went so far as to say that public officials ought to build industrial sites near white and affluent neighborhoods because people living in those neighborhoods were much less likely to experience depression as a result.

Early Signs Of Depression

Depression often manifests itself as certain behaviors. You’re likely to experience some of these behaviors before self-diagnosing as depressed. One of the first signs of depression is a loss of energy which may see you becoming more isolated. For example, you may want to hang back in your room while everyone else goes out for the night.

This can coincide with a general loss of interest alongside sleeping and eating habit changes. Sleeping a lot or a little, losing or gaining 5% of your body weight in a month, and physical aches, pains and digestive issues can all be early signs.

Seek The Right Treatment

We absolutely know that industrial sites increase mental illness. The good people at TMS Health Solutions provide innovative therapy to those with clinical depression. The company seeks to treat as many people as possible no matter the cause of the depression. And they are prepared for an influx of patients as income inequality rises and more industrial sites go up.

Innovative Therapy Techniques

TMS Health Solutions guides patients through a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). This non-invasive procedure has been approved by the FDA and has shown promise for those who do not respond to anti-depressants. And this therapy may be the key to fighting environmental factors when it comes to depression.

Management of Medication

The fully licensed practitioners at TMS Health Solutions can help you with medication. Caring professionals will prescribe the most effective medication for your clinical depression. The management of medications is a key factor in treating depression and the professionals at TMS guide you every step of the way.

Insurance Coverage

Most California insurers cover both the psychological treatment and medication offered by TMS Health. United Healthcare, Anthem, Blue Shield of California, Cigna and Optum cover these psychological services. This coverage can give you peace of mind as you seek out nonjudgemental treatment.

Complete Understanding

Clinical depression is completely out of your control. However, you do have control over how you respond to your malady. And you can feel good about walking through the doors at TMS Health when seeking treatment. The company’s caring professionals do no judge and understand that your disease may have been caused by environmental factors. The entire team is simply focused on getting you better through medications and innovative therapy that is designed to treat your depression.