Social media sites are effective in boosting the popularity of a company. Some business owners even rely only on these sites to promote their products and services. There is nothing wrong with choosing online platforms to introduce your company to a lot of people. Given the increase in the number of people using these platforms today, you can’t afford to let go of such an opportunity.

The only mistake that you can make is to decide to use only one platform in advertising. You are losing the chance to reach out to a lot of people in doing so. It helps for you to not focus only on one platform so that you can introduce your company to everyone who can be your potential customers.

If you decide that only social media platforms are worthy, you might face these risks.

Seeing social media fail

Even if social media has been successful as a platform in attracting the younger audiences, it does not guarantee their place in this world forever. Facebook, for instance, has come under fire recently for its actions related to confidentiality and involvement in politics. There might come a time when Facebook is no longer a popular platform. If you invest fully in Facebook, you might not have a backup plan should the platform fail.

You make some of your target customers feel bad

Some of your target customers might not be too active online such as older people, those who live in rural areas without online access at all times, and people who see internet access as a luxury. If you only advertise online, you reject a vast group of people, and they might not trust your business.

You don’t target specific groups

The problem with online advertisements is that you don’t necessarily know who sees your ads. You might end up advertising only to some random individuals who won’t buy your products at all. On the other hand, if you have targeted traditional ads like posters, brochures, or a pop up banner, you know that your target audiences will see the ads. You can also evaluate their responses to your marketing campaign.

You are not flexible

For now, social media and online campaigns are hot, and a lot of businesses prefer this platform. Ten years ago, no one thought that companies would rely on these platforms to boost their business. Who knows? In a few more years, other platforms might appear. If you are not flexible enough to accommodate different advertising platforms, it might be difficult for you to adjust should something new come up.

The key is to learn how to maximise different platforms at your disposal. Find out how you can best reach your target audience and understand their behaviour. You also need to be more flexible to accommodate changes in the world of advertising. The goal is to bring your company closer to your target audience and make them feel like you reach out to them and make them feel worthy of your time and attention.