Are you fed up with
having to follow a holiday schedule? Going on vacation should be a time of
freedom and independence and when you book a package at a premier resort, for
example, you have to follow their timelines, dining at specific times, having
to get up early in order to enjoy breakfast, not to mention the use of the

South of Thailand

This is the premier
region of South East Asia and is ideal for a yacht holiday, with idyllic
destinations like Phi Phi Islands, where you can snorkel with whale sharks and
play with bottle-nose dolphins. The yacht skipper would have a wealth of
experience and can help you to plan the perfect floating holiday, and should
you wish to deviate from the plan, that is never an issue.

Yacht Charter

Whether you are
looking for luxury yacht charter in Thailand or Miami, a Google search will take you to the
website of an established yacht charter operator, where you can browse the
amazing vessels and read about the various packages on offer. Chartering a
yacht puts you firmly in charge, as you decide where you go and how long you
stay at any one location, plus you get to choose your menus and how the bar is

Group Holidays

If you and a group of
friends like to holiday together, why not get together and charter a luxury
yacht? Ten couples, for example, could share the cost and this means that a
luxury yacht charter becomes very affordable, plus the holiday is
all-inclusive, so you won’t need much spending money. A holiday on a superyacht
with your close friends is about as good as it gets, and with online solutions,
you and your group can choose the best boat and plan your holiday in fine

Freedom of the Seas

There are some idyllic
locations in the Andaman Sea, with the famous Phi Phi Islands, where the film,
The Beach was made, and you can kayak around the stunning limestone cliffs
while observing the diverse marine life. Once you make contact with a yacht charter
company, you can carefully plan your route and once you are happy with
everything, you can book your holiday.

Abundance of
Diverse Marine Life

Spending a couple of
weeks on a luxury yacht in the Andaman Sea offers you a unique opportunity to
observe a wide range of marine species that include:

  • Whale
  • Bottle-Nose
  • Sea
  • Giant
    Manta Rays
  • Blue

The seasoned skipper
would know the best locations, and with snorkel and scuba gear available, you
can spend hours in the crystal-clear waters, with some of the best reefs and
dive wrecks.


The professional crew
are basically at your service, and any plan can be changed like the wind, so if
you and your friends wish to spend the evening watching a stunning sunset, you
can. The freedom and independence you enjoy when renting a luxury yacht
empowers you to follow your passion and making any changes to the plan is never
an issue.

Talk to a luxury yacht
charter company and see what they can do for you in 2020.