Summer is calling and with that comes summer jobs.

While many college students need jobs when they’re out of school for the summer, that doesn’t mean students have to take jobs they absolutely hate or ones that won’t benefit them in the future.

With that in mind, here are five paths college students can take when it comes to the infamous summer job.

Work in the sun

Working on that summer tan might be essential, but it’s also important to note that people tend to be happier in the summer and the sun has a lot to do with that. That is one of the biggest reasons why it would be a good idea to find a job that allows you to be out in the sun during the summer.

Luckily, there are many jobs that apply and that college students are more than qualified for, such as a lifeguard, dog walker, outdoor tour guide, a job at the golf course, a job at the amusement park, and so much more.

A job will always be considered a job, but a summer job in the sun allows college students to gain the many health benefits that accompany sunshine while making money.

Become a tutor in your field

This might be tougher to find and you might not be qualified, but becoming a tutor in your expertise is a great way for college students to make good money, help others, and gain a resume booster.

While a math or english tutor are common areas for this type of job, there are other avenues students can give lessons in, such as giving advanced surfing lessons if you’re highly qualified in that department. The best part is that you’re teaching what you love and are also soaking in the sun in the water. Needless to say, it’s a win-win if surfing is your passion.

Freelance or become a business owner

Many college students wait until they graduate to find a job in their field. However, with freelancing and entrepreneurship becoming more common, college students can get ahead and make serious money as freelancers and business owners.

After all, college students can become freelancers with minimal costs. They just need a computer and an internet connection … and, of course, clients/projects to work on.

College students can even create a website for cheap and start their own businesses, which can turn their summer jobs into year-round experiences and income.

Physically active jobs

It’s not uncommon to see young people and college students working summer jobs that involve physical activity, and there are plenty to go around, such as landscaping, groundskeeping at a golf course, or helping others move.

In fact, working for a full service moving company is a great option for students who are looking to get a lot of physical activity because there’s a lot of walking required and you have to carry large and heavy objects. Not only that, but it allows students to visit different areas of town and meeting new people.

An internship or job in your major’s department

This is another summer job that comes with plenty of competition, but it can really help set up students for success while they aren’t taking classes. Not all internships are paid, but they still allow students to gain invaluable experience and connections. Plus, many school departments offer jobs that are paid and can still help students gain experience and connections in their field.

Not every student has to (or wants to) get a summer job. Whether the case, there are clearly plenty to choose from that don’t require an overwhelming amount of experience yet can still be fulfilling and lucrative.