There are certain steps you can take in your writing career today and certain steps you can’t.

For example, you can’t land a book deal today. In other words, you don’t have the power to give yourself a book deal. You also can’t go on book tours, grow a large, engaged following overnight, become famous, become a millionaire, etc.

Unfortunately, instant gratification is big among our culture and many writers want to skip the line and land six-figure book deals and work on TV shows as soon as, well, today.

Over time, you can make all of your writing dreams come true, and we encourage you to do the things you can do today to reach them.

Pitch publications and clients

You might not be able to write for the publications of your dreams, such as The New York Times, or help your ideal clients, such as a health information exchange organization, today, but you can at least pitch publications and clients today.

Send that email. Call that business. Take action today.

Even if you get rejected, or don’t hear back from the businesses you pitched to, it’s important to know that rejection is part of the writing process. It can help prepare you for the next email you send out, as well as make your writing better if you’re given notes. If nothing else, it can help you take action toward your writing goals today.

Build a website

If a website is a writing goal of yours, whether you want to be a novelist or create a freelance writing business, then start building your website today.

If you can’t afford the expenses that come with a website, then there’s something you can do: Create the content.

Not only can this help you get started on your website but it will free up time for when you can create your website because the content will already be finished.

Start reading—and then never stop

It might have been preached ad nauseam, but it’s true: If you want to be a better writer, then you have to read.

Reading can teach you what other writers have done and what good writing looks like, as well as a world of other benefits.

The best part is you can, of course, start reading today.

Pick a niche and decide what kind of writer you want to be

There are an endless amount of things one can write about and many different kinds of writers. Some people write about sports while others dive into personal essays. Some write for clients and projects can range from HVAC system cleaning in Bensalem, PA all the way to dog food brands.

While you can write about what you want to write about and be whatever kind of writer you want to be (screenwriter, content writer, novelist, etc.), you have to start somewhere. What do you want to write about right now? Great topic! Now start writing.

Start writing

This is the No. 1 thing an aspiring writer can do to begin his or her writing career today. While so many people are focused on creating social media accounts, pitching clients, building websites, landing book deals, etc., which are all important steps (depending on what you want out of your writing), the main ingredient that’s going to make your goals and dreams come true is … writing.

People like to glamorize this profession, but the only thing that matters is the words you put on the page. While all of these steps can help you start your writing career today and progress your career, the actual act of writing, no matter how far along you are, is the most important step, and it’s something you can do today.