Sometimes Even Caregivers Need Taking Care Of

Accidents. They happen in the blink of an eye. Often, they have serious repercussions, such as temporary (or even permanent) disability. If you’re not insured against loss of income due to accidental disability, you should look into obtaining weekly benefits cover through a motor vehicle insurance policy. If you’re employed as a caregiver, and unable to work because of an accident, you might be able to claim for lost income through your car insurance.

There are specific criteria that have to be met in order to receive a payout on a weekly basis:

Disability Certificate

Once you’ve been assessed by a qualified medical professional, you must obtain a signed OCF-3 form (Disability Certificate) from them. It must contain the following information:

  • The cause of your injuries
  • The expected duration of your disability treatment

Your insurance company will cover the costs for the issue of this certificate. If you don’t submit this document, you’ll be delaying the payout of your claim. Benefits only begin the day the insurer receives the completed, concise certificate.

As is your right, you may refuse medical treatment, but if you do, you risk your benefits being voided. The same principle applies if you are rehabilitated but do not attempt to return to gainful employment as a caregiver.

Other Forms of Insurance Cover

Income Replacement Benefit

If you were gainfully employed before the accident that disabled you occurred, you might be able to claim for income replacement.

If within 24 months of the accident, you cannot work at the same ability level or pace, you may institute a claim for income replacement benefits. Payments under this aid are made twice a month. 

If you were employed for at least six months of the year prior to the accident, receiving employment insurance benefits, and suffered injuries of either a mental or physical nature that permanently disabled you from rejoining the workforce, you could qualify for full income replacement.

Caregiver Benefit

If you look after someone else, you’re a caregiver. As a result of this, you may be able to claim benefits under Ontario’s car insurance laws.

To qualify for caregiver benefits, the legislation dictates that you must reside with the person for whom you are caring, and be the primary caregiver receiving no income because of the injuries you sustained as a result of the accident.

Are the Payouts Structured?

This link explains how payouts are determined and the information you need to fill out. You might receive benefits for up to two years following the accident. If after two years, you’re still medically unfit to work, you could continue to receive benefits. 

The standard payout is $250 per week for you as the primary caregiver. An additional $50 per person will be payable to you for each person for whom you cared for before the accident.

Some car insurance brokers sell their clients optional caregiver and dependant policies. If you have this cover, you may receive a higher payment than the amounts listed above.

Get Insured

In essence, insurance is something everyone should have because you never know when, whether your fault or not, you’ll be involved in an accident and still need to care for your loved ones.