I decided to write a blog post that details a new Instagram growth service, called SocialCaptain. It’s the first AI-based software for growing Instagram followers that I have ever seen, so I was very excited to try it out. Even better was that they offer a free trial for three days which allows you to see all of its functions (and results) before you have to spend any money.

I signed up using a personal account that had a fairly small following. So, I figured it was a good account to test with and see what this tool was truly capable of delivering in terms of results for the average user.

Most software that comes out is garbage and most agency services are priced so high that they are out of reach for most users. You can do things like shout-outs to grow, but that takes time and it’s really played out.

After putting SocialCaptain through the test for a full 90 days past my free trial, I came to the conclusion that it’s the best Instagram growth service available. Below I’m going to explain the four reasons that led me to this outcome.

1. It simply works and you can watch the software generate results in real-time.

Let’s just say that I saw enough growth in terms of followers and engagement on my profile in just the first three days of the trial that I gladly signed up to be a paying customer. It’s one thing to open your Instagram profile and see more followers, but it’s another thing to monitor the SocialCaptain dashboard and watch everything happen in real-time. This visual really shows you how hard this tool works around the clock.

2. Everything improves over time thanks to SmartGrowth technology.

AI is the main selling point here. Not only does this help with the targeting and making everything look and feel organic, but thanks to machine learning capabilities SocialCaptain gets smarter and interacts with your account more intelligently over time as it learns from its actions and the results generated. This is mind-blowing and the real key to the success. This technology (SmartGrowth) is exclusive to SocialCaptain, and you will not find it anywhere else.

3. You can’t ignore Instagram in your marketing strategy at this price point.

If you are a brand you have to market on Instagram because your customers are active on the platform. If you are serious about being an influencer then Instagram needs to be your main focus, as it’s the social network that advertisers are looking at when identifying collaboration partners.

Every single company or influencer can afford to take advantage of automated AI-based Instagram growth. The regular plan is either $39 / mo. or $15 / week if you don’t want to use it for a full month. It offers smart automation, live analytics, real-time results and shows the actions being processed. The Turbo plan, which is $99 / mo., includes all of that plus speeds up to 10x as fast, AI-Optimization and priority customer support.

4. Automated Instagram growth that appears to be human can’t be beat.

The biggest reason I have stayed away from automation in the past is because it just looks fake. Nobody wants to interact with another person or a business that appears to be spamming. It’s a major turn off. SocialCaptain’s AI makes all of the actions coming from your account to appear human.

The end recipient of likes, follows, and comments has no reason to think anyone or anything other than yourself is responsible for the engagement and actions. This is a huge selling point and allows you to look real while taking advantage of the super-human speed that this tool works at.

What I really think.

I think you are crazy if you are still reading this and haven’t gone to register a free trial account of SocialCaptain. In all seriousness, you have nothing to risk, as you don’t pay anything to give the AI-based Instagram growth service a try. If you don’t see amazing results you don’t continue — it’s as simple as that.

But, if your experience is anything like mine I have a feeling you will be opting for their most aggressive growth plan, just like I did! Influencers can grow their accounts with quality followers that make their promotional packages more appealing to advertisers and partners, while brands are able to build a following of people that could possibly convert into paying customers down the line.

As Instagram continues to be the top social media platform, SocialCaptain is the must-have tool to assist you with scaling your following and engagement.

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