Summer is here, and if you haven’t gotten yourself ready for fun, it’s not too late. The odds are that you’ve already made your vacation plans and prepared your home for the warmer weather. Now, it’s time to focus on yourself. 

Matt D’Souza, VP of Sales Operations at Washify, knows a thing or two about how to get ready for summer. He offers these tips that will ensure that you’re prepared for your best summer ever. 


Summer means that those fresh fruits and vegetables are going to be ripening and ready to be plucked. You might want to consider starting a detoxing regimen now to get your body started. Add a scoop of greens to your morning smoothie. You might also want to consider adding some healthy bacteria to your gut. Getting started with the healthy eating early will mean your gut has adjusted and you’ll have more energy for those summer plans. 

Go Ahead and Reserve a Campsite

In many states, the campsites available in state parks book up early. Many may already be full, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to be left out. Check out your local state parks or national parks to see what’s available and book it for a weekend camping trip. 

Begin Your Skincare Routine

Transitioning from the often dry, cold climate of winter to the warm, humid climate of summer can be rough on your skin. Switch out your heavy moisturizer for something water-based to hydrate without being oily. A skincare product with vitamin C will help promote a healthy glow. You’ll also want to step up on the exfoliation to get rid of those dead skin cells. 

Adjust Your Sleep Schedule

Fall and winter often make sleeping easier because it gets darker earlier. When summertime hits, the light can wreak havoc for those with an earlier bedtime. But some things can help you unwind and get to sleep. Try diffusing a lavender essential oil or a chamomile blend. 

Tackle Your Chores

If you haven’t already done so, prepare for summer by getting that spring cleaning done. Cleaning your home can go a long way towards cleaning your body, and it will prepare you for those summer get-togethers. 

Summer means warmer weather and more time outdoors. By being prepared, you can ensure that you’re spending your summer enjoying all the season has to offer!