Vending machines have
changed a lot since their humble beginnings. What was once a machine that
stored snacks, has now been turned into something that can save lives. PPE
(Personal Protective Equipment) can now be dispensed by vending machine. It
makes PPE inventory easy to manage and accessible to everyone on-site. If you
plan on using PPE vending machines in the workplace, there are steps to take to
ensure its success.

The Right Supplier

Your PPE vending
machine needs are not going to be the same as everyone else as your workplace
environment will be unique. When choosing a PPE vending machine supplier, it is important to work with a
business who can meet your needs.

They should be able to
provide customised solutions for your business. A full PPE vending machine
programme is always easier to run that a DIY project. If you just buy a vending
machine, you will need to have it serviced and stocked by an independent
company. A fully serviced unit will be managed by your supplier, allowing you a
completely hands-off approach.


Many companies have
decided to introduce PPE vending machines to help combat Covid-19. Before
getting into a programme, it is best to assess your needs and install something
that will keep your workers safe. If you are wondering what type of PPE to store in your vending machine, it is best
to talk to a supplier and discuss your requirements.

A reputable PPE
vending machine distributor will work closely with your company to match your
specific needs. Before ordering a unit, identify where the problems are in your
supply chain.

Benefits of the

It is vitally
important that your employees get involved in the programme from the outset.
Speak to them about the strategy to improve workplace safety and see what they
have to say about it. You need them to buy into it to make it a success. If you
keep the introduction of PPE vending machines quiet and suddenly spring it on
them, they may not see the benefits of having the unit there. Having a PPE
vending machine that can distribute key pieces of safety equipment has many advantages, some of which include:

  • Increased
  • Lower cost
  • Increased
    safety for workers, clients, & guests
  • Better
    inventory management

Continue to Improve

If you are using a PPE
vending machine programme to improve certain aspects of your safety protocol,
make sure you don’t stop there. If you install the machine and forget about it,
you won’t get the desired results you were looking for. It is important to work
with the supplier to make continuous improvements. Keep assessing the programme
to make it better.

PPE vending machine
programmes are a great way to improve safety in the workplace. They can be
added to an existing programme to include life saving equipment to fight
against the novel coronavirus outbreak. Once effectively managed, they have a
list of benefits. If you decide to install vending machines, make sure you
choose the right distributor.