In his new book, Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals, the Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber shows how energy can sustain the African Dream.

A leading authority in the African energy sector and a strong
advocate for African entrepreneurship and the indigenous energy sector, NJ Ayuk
is recognized as one of the foremost figures in African business today. During
his enduring career in the energy industry, he witnessed the fortunes and
misfortunes of Africa’s petroleum industry.

Always up to a good challenge and driven by a genuine desire to make this world a better place, NJ hopes his new book will ignite the necessary change that will make Africa prosperous again. Billions at Play gives an actionable plan on how Africa leverage the energy industry to revitalize its economy. 

Here are six steps that can lead Africa to steady economic growth and better quality life and also foster world peace and cooperation. 

1. Put people at the center of the economic growth plans. 

Tapping into his knowledge of the global energy sector, Ayuk challenges the key players to be more active in developing their resources and local content skills. He also encourages decision-makers to put Africa’s people at the center of economic growth plans.

2. Manage the oil and gas revenues wisely.

 NJ Ayuk strongly believes that, by managing Africa’s oil
and gas revenues wisely, the African government and business organizations can
bring significant changes across the continent.

“We have an obligation and personality responsibility to put our heads together and get things done. I want to leave this a better place for my daughter and grandkids, and make an impact they’re proud of,” says NJ. 

NJ Ayuk

3. Empower women. 

According to the author, the low number of women represented in the global energy sector is an opportunity missed. “I believe this is unacceptable, short-sighted, and, frankly a real stumbling block to African countries looking for the full socio-economic benefits that a thriving oil and gas industry can provide,” says Ayuk.

4. Use of the petroleum industry as a locomotive for the entire economy.

Based on his extensive knowledge of the international energy business sector, NJ Ayuk believes that the petroleum industry can support and transform emerging economies. Effective and sustainable investment strategies and strategic oil and gas revenue management techniques are required to reap the full benefits.

5. Adopt a global approach.

Every single action has a ripple effect. When one country thrives, the global community thrives well. The more we come together, the higher the benefits. Thus, global participation in the African energy landscape can produce more significant benefits.

6. Foster win-win partnerships.

A struggling country or continent certainly needs the knowledge, technology, and best practices of the advanced economies. Nevertheless, by opening up to foreign investors, it provides an opportunity for growth and fair trade to those businesses. In his book, Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals, NJ explains how this type of partnership can benefit Africa and the US by generating cleaner, greener, cheaper energy sources, and creating jobs

Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals is now available for pre-order on Amazon.