Jeunesse Global is a revolutionary cosmetic company that utilizes direct selling methods to expose more and more people to their extraordinary brand.

Direct selling, worldwide makeup company Jeunesse has a large selection of products that help customers maintain their health and youth. The company uses an innovative system, called The Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System, to ensure customers stay looking young and beautiful.

Customers can use this carefully developed system to find the best combination of products to stay looking youthful. In the Youth Enhancement System, products are ranked in several categories including rejuvenate, defend, diminish, restore, enhance, balance, energize, beautify, and clarity. For optimal results, customers should choose products in the desired area they wish to improve in. If a customer wants to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, they would choose an item in the “diminish” category, like the Instantly Ageless micro cream.

The Instantly Ageless micro cream is recommended for use by customers who would wish to reduce their wrinkles, fine lines, under eye bags, and appearance of pores. After being applied, the product starts working in only two minutes and the results last for an outstanding six to nine hours. The end result is instantly visible improved skin that is firm and lifted. For example, when used near the eyebrows, it acts as an instant brow lift. The Instantly Ageless micro cream provides all the benefits of plastic surgery and botox without the costly and at times danger time under the knife!

Another of their extraordinary products is the Naara drink, which Jeunesse calls “the skin care you can drink.” This incredible nutritional beverage has added TruMarine Collagen. This collagen has been shown by clinical trials to improve skin to be younger looking and starts working in only about four weeks! By drinking Naara, consumers can promote their skin’s natural elasticity and firmness which reduces wrinkles and fine lines, as well as decrease the creation of new wrinkles and fine lines. The drink itself combines super fruits like cherries, acai berry, tangerine, acerola, blueberries, and more, as well as eight vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which are mixed together to create an incredibly nutritional drink that helps the mind and body stay young!

The company was founded by a husband and wife team, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Randy and Wendy came out of retirement because they understood how this makeup and direct selling could impact so many people’s lives. The company was launched in 2009 and quickly emerged with one of the best rates for direct sellers, which allowed them to attract the best and brightest talent. Today, after nearly a decade, the company has thousands of direct sellers in their network. These sellers are essential in introducing more and more people to these incredibly effective anti-aging cosmetics. In addition, the sellers’ lives are also vastly improved due to the opportunities they receive working at the company.

Jeunesse Global is a cosmetics and anti-aging company that has grown global and is making a tremendous change in so many people’s lives!