The construction field is one of the most important of all
industries. All people need a place to live and work as they lie their heads at
night. Companies need spaces that are designed for their needs. Children need
schools that have been very well constructed in order to focus on their work.
People need homes that can withstand varied kinds of temperatures and still
shelter them safely. A well constructed space is one that allows for many
different kinds of activities inside. It is this understanding that continues
to drive the work of builder Jeffrey S.
Dallenbach. As someone with a full understanding of all the fields of
construction, he brings a certain level of professionalism to his work. There
are many potential challenges that any builder must face in order to bring a
client’s work to life and fulfill the specifications they have set out in

The Architect

Anyone who wants to make this field their own as Jeffrey S. Dallenbach has done, is someone who must be able able to understand all that goes into creating a project. Many different people find they have a role to pay in order to bring a vision to life. Each person may have at least some understanding of the finished project. At the same time, there can be competing interests. Not everyone will see eye to eye about a given project. In general, it is up to two leading workers to take that leadership role. An architect is someone who creates a plan for the entire building. They meet with clients in order to help them bring to life the vision they have in mind for the building they are creating. They are the lifeblood of the entire project and the people who create that all-important foundation for it.

The Contractor

Another important player in any kind of plan for a building is a contractor. They are the people who translate that vision into reality. A contractor is someone who knows how to take an idea and how to make that idea come alive at a given site. They know specifics such as how to work with subcontractors and how to overcome any difficulties that might exist in doing so. While these two people are hugely important, a real master building firm can overcome any issues that might take place. This is where people turn to the true experts in building. DALLENBACH·COLE ARCHITECTURE is one firm that helps bridge the gap between all those who are working on a building and taking it to completion. This is a firm that offers the kind of know how that any organization or person needs when working on a building.

Deep Community Roots

Part of what makes Jeffrey S. Dallenbach, AIA so good at his job is the fact that he has deep roots in the community. Understanding what makes a given community run is the very heart of what he does. As someone who has been living in San Antonio for many years, he’s developed a great many contacts in the area. Dallenbach is someone who went to college in this state. He is a graduate of the prestigious Texas A&M where Texans go to learn about their chosen profession. His attendance here quickly sharpened his desire to be part of the building world and his ability to demonstrate that he had all the qualifications necessary to make it a success in every way. Since that time, he’s only seen his firm continue to expand into all sorts of great new construction projects.

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