The retail sector is evolving in the 21st-century with Richard Liu leading the charge to the use of artificial intelligence in the retail sector. The latest developments from the Chinese retail giant, include a move towards the use of artificial intelligence to allow consumers to have their needs and questions predicted. This development is designed to aid consumers as they make their way through customer service and purchasing options from

Adding artificial intelligence to the work being done by is something its founder and head of the Chinese retail giant, Richard Liu has been working towards since its inception. The company was founded in the late 1990s when Liu was looking to gain a foothold in the computer parts industry. Growth for JD was strong but based around the use of traditional brick and mortar stores that were problematic when China was struck by the 2004 SARS epidemic. 

Richard Liu was determined to maintain his success as an entrepreneur despite the medical issues facing China in 2004. JD was suddenly facing a number of issues that were removed as soon as the company made the switch to become a largely online-based retailer. Since the switch to online sales, has remained an important part of the electrical and computer parts sector with a move into other areas of retail to prove a major success. Liu himself has become a media celebrity in Asia and hopes to move to a similar position in the U.S. has been moving towards the use of artificial intelligence in its work to bring a higher standard of service for all customers. In terms of the use of A.I., has been looking to change the way its customers interact with the customer service department with the use of bots. The predictive nature of artificial intelligence means the work of has been a success in terms of its use in customer service and in the way customers receive their information. The use of a series of bots to answer basic customer service queries means there have been fewer problems with customer service and the system has proven a success.

For and its leaders, the switch to artificial intelligence has been a major area of success. The latest area of A.I. that is being developed is the use of this to expand on the services and products offered to customers. Predictive algorithms are now in place that will lead consumers to the products and services linked to their latest purchases and searches on the app and website. 

One of the examples used by Richard Liu was that of the customer who purchases a kitchen appliance. When the customer returns to the search box they will be met with predictive responses including the latest service plans and installation options. Another option that will be used is the system remembering a customer has recently looked at their order status meaning the A.I. system will link them to delivery options when they next make a purchase. has remained an innovative company in China and beyond, which is looking to break into different markets. Huge revenues have been based on more than just a wide range of items as the company has made sure it stands at the head of the switch to a new era in customer service.

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