Knowing how to deal with varying weather conditions is important, particularly if you’re going to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, there are times when the weather can catch you off guard. Perhaps your vehicle has skidded into a snowbank or there’s been a deluge of snow while your vehicle was stationary. If you’ve found yourself in one of these situations, you’ll want to take a look at these top five tips and find out how to get your car un-stuck from heavy snow:

1. Take Your Foot Off the Gas

If you’re stuck in the snow, gunning the gas pedal is unlikely to free your vehicle. Instead, you’ll simply damage the tires by spinning them into the snow. Furthermore, if your car does suddenly break free and your foot is resting heavily on the gas pedal, you’re likely to shoot forward and potentially collide with another road user, barrier, or skid across the road surface. 

2. Clear the Tailpipe

Before you attempt to move the vehicle, take a second to check the tailpipe. If snow or ice has accumulated in the tailpipe, it could mean that toxic exhaust fumes are being pumped back into the car. To remedy this, clear the tailpipe and start the engine to confirm that exhaust fumes are escaping the vehicle as they should. 

3. Move Snow Away from the Vehicle

All car owners should ensure their vehicle is stocked up with essential supplies, and a shovel is about as important as it gets! When you’re dealing with a car stuck in snow, you’ll need to assess the area immediately around the vehicle before you attempt to move the car. Then, clear as much snow as possible away from it. Pay particular attention to the areas under the vehicle and around the tires.

If clearing snow away doesn’t do the trick, you can also try placing something under your tires to create traction between the tire and the ice or snow. Most cars have removable mats at your feet; these are a great option to wedge under your tire and potentially create some traction.

4. Go Back and Forth

When your vehicle is stuck in snow, it’s tempting to simply try and drive forwards. However, this is unlikely to create enough momentum to move your vehicle successfully. Instead, try to move forwards slightly, before putting the vehicle in reverse and going backwards. If there’s some movement, you’ll be able to build on the momentum and gradually move the vehicle forwards. 

Remember—keep your tires facing forward when you’re trying to move in the snow. When tires are turned to the side, it increases the effort required to move and makes it harder to get free from the snow. 

5. Call for Help! 

If you’re not confident getting your car out of snow or you’ve tried everything and you’re still stuck in the same position, calling for help is essential. With car rescue towing, you can ensure that you and your vehicle are safely extracted from the situation. What’s more, when you rely on professional help, you can be confident that the towing company will have a range of industrial-grade equipment to move your vehicle safely. 

Dealing with a Car Stuck in Snow

When your vehicle becomes stuck in snow, there’s no doubt that it’s frustrating. However, it can also be dangerous. Attempting to get your vehicle un-stuck without assistance could lead to further accidents and potential injuries, so why take the risk? With professional help just a phone call away, having your vehicle towed can be the safest and fastest way to get your car un-stuck from heavy snow.