With the new year coming ahead quickly many people are writing down their goals, and many of them typically revolve around fitness and finance. In this article we are going to talk about improving your personal financial situation simply by being a little more savvy.

Sometimes just being a little more aware with what you are spending and how, will make you realize that there are little things you can do that will put yourself in a better situation. Here are some things that you should consider.

Limit Your Monthly Subscription Services

If you do a quick audit of your bank and credit card statements you will see all kinds of automatic monthly debits. These can be for things like Netflix, Hulu, or a cell phone.

They are expense that come out each month automatically. Now, a cell phone is a necessity these days, but do you need subscriptions to several different TV services?

“You can go overboard with TV and movie streaming services alone,” says Chris Rush of development outsourcing company Staff Outsourcing. “Think of what you really watch and whether or not you put them all to good use.”

Stop Paying For Premium Content Online

So many blogs are suffering financially because the ad revenue they once survived on is down big time. Consumers are using ad blocking tools and advertisers are putting their money into channels that provide better results, like social media.

This has caused many blogs to create a premium subscription, where for a fee you can read the content they publish or access premium tips and advice, like found in this Ladbrokes review. Without the subscription you might just be able to read the first paragraph.

There is so much quality free content out there, like this blog, that you don’t have to pay any money to read. The ones that are charging have run out of ideas and are on their last leg.

Eat Out Less and Cook In More

It’s expensive to eat out, and then when you are talking about multiple times a week, you will quickly see your dining expense go through the roof. Not only is cooking your own meals less expensive, but it’s also healthier.

Cut back as much as possible and watch how much money you can save. This is money that can be put to better use paying off your debt. Experiment and try to limit yourself to just one or two outside of the kitchen dining experiences a month. See how much money you can save.

Try Going Carless and Ubering

Do you not utilize your car as often as you thought you would? Are you paying a high car payment and high insurance rate? Considering ditching your car and Ubering.

“If you live in a city and don’t drive a lot anyway, it’s worth trying for a few months,” suggests the owner of National Pool Fences. “Ride share options are everywhere and it’s actually more convenient.”

If you don’t drive a lot this can save you a lot of money, as well as be more convenient.