There are over 5 million storage units in the United States housing all sorts of personal belongings. People rent storage space for both long-term and short-term storage needs like keeping business materials, storing old furniture or protecting seasonal decorations during winter months. It’s important to calculate how much storage space you need before signing a storage agreement.

Storage costs can rise or fall depending on rental location, storage size and storage company. Storage facilities are usually managed by self-storage companies that work with independent storage providers.

Once you find a storage facility that offers the storage size you want, it’s important to check if there are any additional fees like insurance or storage reservation fee. Additionally, storage companies might charge a one-time storage administration fee. This is usually between $10-$15 and covers the cost of processing storage paperwork and for offering storage assistance on moving your items into the storage unit. Storage company provides several different sized storage spaces ranging from drive-up to full three story storage buildings. 

The smallest option would be 5′ X 10′, which would cost around $80 per month. And bigger options can range anywhere from slightly over 100$ up to more than 250$. But prices vary by geographical location so instead of guessing how much you should pay for a storage unit in Ohio, you should check storage quotes and pick storage size that fits your needs.

The most expensive storage options are usually climate-controlled storage spaces or full service storage spaces, which includes 24/7 access to the storage unit. If you rent a storage unit with climate control, then your storage facility can be up to $20 more expensive than an identical storage space without this feature. This is because it requires special equipment and maintenance fees. With climate control in place, you can keep valuable items in storage without fearing that they will get damaged by extreme weather conditions. If you do not opt for these features then it’s important to make sure your items are dry when entering or leaving the storage facility.

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