They say you never choose your gemstones because they choose you. It may sound poetic but is true. They have some kind of energy that you can even say they have their personality. This is why is better not to buy men’s beaded bracelets jewelry that the rest of the world says is the best. You can’t just text your girlfriend and ask her which one she prefers. If you are the girlfriend buying the best gift for your boyfriend, then you should know his personality and choose a beaded bracelet that emphasizes the best in him.  

Just go for men’s beaded bracelets jewelry that speaks to you. It’s like wine – we guess you don’t drink wine by the price tag. You buy it because it suits your taste and makes you fall in love from the first to the last drop. Here are some gemstones and their properties.


If you are emotional and underestimate yourself then maybe this beautiful gemstone is the answer for you. It clears your mind of negative thoughts and makes you realize your qualities. Gemologists say it helps you understand the cause and effect of your emotional responses.


We all have fears, and this gemstone is exactly what we need to face them. Its name says everything you need to know: Aquamarine captures the vibrant healing powers of the ancient, life-giving waters of the Earth. This is why is a good choice if you want to get rid of those negative feelings that don’t let you sleep. 

Botswana agate

If you have hard days at work or you simply have an impulsive personality, add this beautiful gemstone to your men’s beaded bracelets collection. It soothes your repressed emotions and moves you beyond limits. For example, you can wear this gorgeous bracelet if you have just quit smoking. 

Lapis Lazuli

It is said that Lapis Lazuli has the most beautiful blue all around the world. Its color is hypnotizing and brings tranquility and spiritual renewal at the same time. For example, you can choose it if you want to discover your passions and redesign your career path. It provides objective insight and mental clarity. Also, it unblocks and releases emotions from the heart for self-acceptance. 


This gemstone is recommended if you want to cure your soul and mind of negative emotions. No matter you wear it after a break-up or an instable financial period, such a beautiful piece of jewelry will help you feel better. This is one of the men’s beaded bracelets each of us should own. 


This stone enables introspection and reveals your inner truth. It alleviates mental confusion and absorbs the grief. Being such a wonderful companion for meditation, Onyx can heighten your intuition, strengthen your self-confidence and help you in making important decisions.

Now that you know something about these beautiful gemstones, you need to understand what men’s beaded bracelets jewelry you need. There is no secret recipe. You just have to define who you are and what you need and want. Once again, let them choose you. Just go with the flow.