In Colombia, sports have been latent in most of the population since childhood, so Colombians are very active in all things related to them and to other outdoor activities. Here we mention the five most popular sports in Colombia.

1. Soccer 

Soccer, called “Fútbol” in this country, is one of the most popular sports in the world. This sport is like a second religion in Colombia, if we consider the great fanaticism of the viewers and of those who also practice it professionally or as a hobby. This is one of the sports that most Colombians practice and it arouses extraordinary passion for play.

Colombia has had several triumphs in international soccer championships, such as the Copa América, South America’s main tournament. The Águila Cup, the internal league, consists of many teams from the country playing in competition, from where two great winners earn the right to play in the Copa Libertadores of America.

Many Colombian players excel in international football, such as James Rodríguez, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Radamel Falcao, and David Ospina. They have all had great performances in several teams abroad.

2. Cycling and BMX

Cycling is considered the flagship sport in Colombia, thanks to its outstanding participation in international competitions, which have given the country an important place in the world due to its greatness in this sport. 

One of the outstanding sportsmen of this discipline is the cyclist Egan Bernal, who has won the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France, among others. Cyclists such as Nairo Quintana also shine, along with other influential athletes like Rigoberto Urán or Esteban Chaves.

Colombia started to excel in this sport in 1948, with the gold medal won by the Colombian team at the Central American Games. From this point forward, the country has been having an excellent track record in cycling.

On the other hand, we have BMX, which is the modality that has given more world titles to Colombian cycling. Outstanding athletes such as Mariana Pajón, David Oquendo, and Carlos Alberto Ramírez, among others, have excelled in international championships and reached the podium in the Olympics.

3. Skating

This sport became famous thanks to the victories of Cecilia Baena and other skaters such as Berenice Moreno, Juan Nayib Tobón, and Jorge Botero in different world-class championships.

Despite bringing great triumphs for Colombia, this discipline still needs more support from the government.

4. Boxing

Although boxing is very popular throughout Colombia, the essential areas for this sport are the Atlantic and Pacific. One of the most recognized boxers who brought so much joy to Colombians in the past through this sport was Antonio Cervantes, better known as Kid Pambelé, who was the world champion of the junior welterweight division twice. Through him, new generations of fans of this great sport in Colombia began to grow.

5. Tennis 

Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah are Colombian athletes who stand out firmly in the world of the white sport. Currently classified to the Olympics, they love and master this discipline, which grows more and more in the Colombian territory.

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