Kratom is an evergreen tropical plant which is found in Myanmar, Indonesia, southern and central Thailand and in Malaysia. The various clusters of hanging yellow flowers is its defining feature, and it can grow to a length of 13 meters. This plant has various medicinal uses and the leaves can be dried and traditionally brewed and consumed as a tea or with water. Over the years, there has been an increase in the consumption of Kratom either for medical or recreational purposes. 


Kratom usage originates from ancient villages found in areas around Malaysia. Its first usage was documented in the 19th century as a kind of sedative or used to replace the opium. It started gaining public recognition in the early 2000s all thanks to the messages on various online boards. Illegal use of Kratom has been banned by various governments. For example in 2005 Kratom act was placed by the Thai government and many offenders were arrested. In the same period, Australia also made a ban on mitragynine. 

Current Uses

Kratom can be used for various purposes. Still most people buy it because of its medical benefits. It is believed that immigrants from Southern Asia for the first time imported Kratom into the United States in the middle of the 80s. 

Nowadays you can easily find kratom for sale online and it is marked as a herbal medicine or supplement against some illnesses such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, low motivation and for better endurance. Kratom also has some pharmacological importance due to the presence of indole alkaloids mitragynine and also hydroxymitragynine in it. According to a survey from 2016 the biggest percent of people use Kratom against permanent pain. On the second place are people with anxiety (14 %), 10 % use it to fight addiction, 7% to improve their physical or mental endurance. Kratom possesses many other active compounds that are still under investigation to disclose the real benefits of the plant that could be used in the medical world. However, Kratom has been used by various individuals to treat various ailments and some have made good report of its effectiveness. 


A moderate dosage of between 3 and 6g of the dried leaves is fine, but be aware that any dosage higher than 5g is very strong. The most common consumption of Kratom is with fruit juice or water. The drug has a quick response and its effect kicks in 15 minutes after intake while the intensity gradually builds up. If you take a stronger dose can expect shorter onset. 

Usage Precautions

The use of this drug comes with some side effects so it’s necessary you take proper precaution to remain safe. Kratom has been reported to cause thirstiness after consumption. When you use it for the first time, better prepare a bottle of water close to you. If you feel nauseated it is necessary to stay still until the feeling declines. Do not drive or engage in any serious activity that may harm you or any other person.