Top performers often times get some of the best perks available at a specific company. The best perk in many cases is the ability to work from home a few times a week or permanently. Many jobs can be handled remotely with the ability to schedule a face to face meeting virtually quite easily. Screen sharing platforms also make it quite easy to communicate ideas clearly without meeting physically. Staying productive is paramount to retain work from home privileges as companies are not going to tolerate drastic decreases in production. The following are tips that will help you keep your work from home status by staying as productive as or more productive than when you were working in the office.

Start As Early As Possible

The temptation to stay in bed a little later than normal needs to be overcome by starting early. Clearing your emails with a cup of coffee can help you get ahead productivity wise. Most companies are just going to require you work your scheduled time for the day with flexible hours. It is not uncommon for a company to allow a worker to get their hours in from 6AM to 8PM as some remote workers might be in a far different time zone. Get those tasks out of the way that you need to early as this will eliminate distractions from a coworker that always seems to message you with a question as soon as they sign on for the day.

Your Office Should Be Comfortable

An office with the best deep tissue massager is an office you will look forward to going to each day. A boring office with an uncomfortable chair not only can hurt productivity but can lead to neck or back problems.  A few whiteboards can be a great addition as you can put notes from meetings or calls there so you do not forget. Deadlines can also be put on these as it is easier to look up then constantly be checking deadlines for certain projects. Your desk needs to be large enough to allow you to work and put out paperwork if necessary. Do not compromise on the comfort of your office as you will be spending a large portion of your time here.

Set An Agenda For Each Day

You are going to want to get as much done on a daily basis as possible so you do not want to sit down figuring out what you should be doing. Set an agenda at the end of each day so you can start working on tasks as soon as you get on your computer in the morning. Avoid leaving that tasks you simply loathe for the end of the day and knock them out early. This will allow you to approach the rest of the day positively as you have already taken care of those parts of your job you do not like. Schedule times to check emails as well as this can be a huge distraction for people that are constantly checking email in the middle of doing something else.

Keep your productivity up to keep your work from home perk as this offers a sense of freedom like no other. Try different strategies to increase productivity as it will help you in your career and life as well.