When it comes to football in the nation’s capital, few names capture as much attention as Daniel Snyder. Famous for being the owner of the Washington Football Team, formally known as the Washington Redskins, Synder has become an important figure in the world of professional football. He is also known through his various charitable causes and organizations.

Early life

Dan Snyder grew up in the DC region. Throughout his childhood, he enjoyed watching the local football team. It served as a passion he could share with his father, and the love of this particular team increased with each passing year. 

After he graduated from school, Dan went on to serve as the founder, chairman, and CEO of Snyder Communications. When the company began to trade publicly, Snyder attracted attention as the youngest CEO at the time of a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In addition to his work with the Snyder Communications brand, Daniel Snyder also served as the founder and chairman emeritus of inVentiv Health.

In 1999, Daniel Snyder was able to combine his love of football with his business opportunities and purchase The Washington Football team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Work with The Washington Football Team

Since he purchased the Washington Football team, Dan Snyder has helped to continue to grow the team, build its reputation, and nurture the passion of loyal fans. The team has become an established pillar in the local community while also being a fierce competitor on the football field.

Overall, the team has become one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world, regularly getting featured in the Forbes Magazine annual list.

During his work with the team, Dan Snyder has also successfully built a retail portion of the brand. This arm of the brand operates a few different stores throughout the DMV and includes mobile units for home game days.

Throughout his time with the team, Syder has also witnessed a number of the organization’s players honored for their abilities. There have been 27 different players from The Washington Football Team who have earned 53 different Pro Bowl appearances. There were also 5 players who were received into the Hall of Fame.

Recognizing the importance of fans to the success of a football franchise, Daniel Snyder has also worked and invested millions in FedExField to improve spectators’ experiences. These changes included increasing the number of screens displayed, to help all fans watch the game closely. 

Charitable projects

Daniel Snyder has also earned recognition and a reputation for philanthropy through his support for a wide variety of charitable causes

Soon after he purchased The Washington Football team, he founded the Washington Charitable Foundation, which was dedicated to bringing the players and the local community together to encourage a culture of giving.

Through this foundation, Dan Snyder works to support children’s education and literacy rates as well as health and wellness. They help to host many school events such as workshops and wellness programs. These programs help to provide educational opportunities for children and their families, to help with literacy rates and health and wellness understanding. In 2019 they hosted over 115 different programs in schools.

To help students who might not have regular access to laundry services, and therefore clean clothes, the group also helps to establish laundry facilities in schools and organizations. This can help remove barriers for children experiencing challenges such as homelessness. 

Through these types of programs, the foundation has channeled over $29 million back into the community through individuals, organizations, and various groups.

Hurricanes and natural disasters

Dan Snyder has also worked to help communities devastated by natural disasters for over 15 years. Following the tsunami that struck communities in Indonesia and Thailand in 2004, he helped to gather supplies and assistance to donate. Similarly, when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, he helped to organize relief.

Since then, he has also helped to gather and distribute emergency supplies for communities hit hard by Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean. 

Local community projects

Dan Snyder’s charitable work has also led him to support several local institutions in the DC area, including Children’s National Hospital and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This includes providing funding for an emergency medicine and trauma center at the hospital as well as a communications center at the NCMEC.

He has also donated to raise awareness of social injustice, particularly following the murder of
George Floyd. When the Covid19 pandemic struck the DC area, he also worked with the Maryland National Guard to set up a testing site at FedExField. 

Snyder has been recognized for his donation to area food banks, sponsoring events to support and thank members of the military, and even providing support for the restoration of the historic 

Ashburn Colored School in Loudoun County, which had operated from 1892 to 1957.

In response to his efforts and donations, Daniel Snyder has been the recipient of several different awards including;

  • The Charles B. Wang International Children’s Award at the NCMEC’s Hope Awards Dinner
  • Recognition by the Beacon House, a neighborhood organization that helps at-risk children and their families
  • The Distinguished Leader Award from the Youth for Tomorrow

Work in the wider football community

The rest of the National Football League has also recognized the accomplishments and skills of Daniel Snyder, not only with his football team but also with his professional and business acumen. Throughout his years with The Washington Football team, he has been appointed to many committees within the greater league. These include:

  • The Media Committee
  • The Business Ventures Committee
  • The Digital Media Committee
  • The International Committee
  • The Stadium Committee
  • The Hall of Fame Committee

In addition to serving on these various committees, Synder has worked as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Within the sports industry, Dan Snyder has attracted attention and established himself as a leader both on and off the field. He is widely recognized for his achievements with the team itself but also with the wider community.

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