YouTube is not a brand new website nor is it trying to reinvent the wheel. It already did that. Nowadays, YouTube is ground zero for media content and as such it has become one of the most trafficked platforms on the internet. YouTube has more than 2 billion global users with focuses on every niche and industry that you can imagine. As you no doubt might realize, it can be hard to stick out from the rest of the pack.

To build a better business on YouTube, let’s take a look at a few key tips that every entrepreneur can begin working with to build their brand.

Craft a Content Schedule and Stick With It

One of the most common reasons for YouTube channels to fail is that they deliver content only intermittently. Believe it or not, YouTube has taken up a central slot in many homes around the world. With regularly scheduled content, you can better engage with your audience because they will be there when you publish your media.

If you want to take the actual publication out of your hands, consider working with a social media content manager. With a content manager, either an employee or a piece of software, you can delegate your video publishing times by scheduling them early.

Embed Calls to Action Within Your Content

No matter what kind of brand you are developing, you should always be funneling your audience toward your action points. Whether you are selling services or trying to curate an audience for some other aspect of your business, give your audience something that they can work with. A call to action could lead to your website, it could ask for them to follow you on other social media, or it could just remind your audience to like and subscribe.

You can also use your profile and YouTube overlays to increase the efficiency of your CTA’s. Adding annotations with links or information about important information can put you on the map far faster than hoping your audience reads past the video.

Learn to Interact With Your Audience

Social media is all about socializing, so of course businesses and brands need to learn how to connect with their audience. If you are hoping to build activity within your YouTube channel, don’t be afraid to wade into the comments to talk to your viewers. Answering questions, making comments, and even offering words of support can go a long way toward endearing viewers to your channel. Also make sure that your videos resonate with your audience, such as this short inspirational video.

On the other end of the spectrum, YouTube accounts that rarely engage with their viewers will often end up losing them. If your audience feels unheard and your videos don’t connect with them, they won’t come back, Consistent viewership will require engagement. If this feels like it is out of your wheelhouse or drifting into an area that you do not specialize in, don’t be afraid to outsource the job to someone who can.

Customize Your YouTube Channel With Professional Branding

Now for the most often overlooked aspect of business branding, filling out your profile. YouTube isn’t known for its landing pages in the same way that Twitter or Instagram is. Still, make sure that you have a channel icon and channel banner that meets the needs of the industry. Channel icons should measure in at 800 x 800 pixels while channel banners should sit at 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Consider outsourcing your channel artwork to a professional graphic designer to maximize the impact. Try for something unique yet still visually eye-catching for people who are browsing without paying much attention. These little quirks can go a long way toward making your profile successful.