You might be thinking that moving to New York City apartment, especially in neighborhood Chelsea is hard. Getting an apartment in this part of the city is the real nightmare. Every time you thinks you got one, with a speed of light, someone swoops in. Or when you are happy that you got something in a budget, other hidden fees emerge.

Hunting apartments in Chelsea neighborhood, New York City is confusing for new movers and veterans alike. That is why we compiled this list for you so that you don’t get stressed, scammed, and put out on the streets. Consider them before you have the standard apartment tours.

 Figure out your maximum budget

New York housing market is a complicated one, and you might end up spending much of your monthly income on rent. Before you start hunting for apartments, balance your math and come up with the highest amount that you would wish to spend on rent without starving. Stick with this amount regardless of how spacious the apartment is. As a head start, most tenants around Chelsea and other suburbs require that your net monthly income be around forty times your monthly rent.

 Wait until the winter season

The best time to hunt an apartment in New York City and its suburbs is during the winter season. During this period, you will get affordable houses, and you will also get a chance to negotiate. Sometimes you will even find that the landlord is willing to pay the broker fee just to fill the vacant house. Hunting an apartment during summer is the worst as most college grads are joining the market for job hunting which makes the prices to skyrocket.

 Consider finding a roommate

Consider having the mentality of living on your own in other cities but not New York. In Chelsea, you will struggle to find a studio under $1,500 mark. The best thing to do is see someone who will take the other half is the ideal situation. Make sure that you two can stay together without problems. You should also let the landlord know that you are roommates and that you are sharing the cost.

 Keep an eye out for a trusted broker

The key to cutting costs and getting a suitable apartment is getting a trusted broker. Loftey is a start-up referral company that will help you get the best apartment in neighborhood Chelsea. You will only have to pay for referral fees, and you will not pay anything else. It is through Loftey that you will get access to various buildings and brokers in the hunt for Chelsea apartments for rent. For no fee-apartments, the building itself will pay Loftey the referral fee which means that you will not part with a single dollar. Loftey will also connect you with cheap brokers so that you can save a significant amount of money.

 Keep an open mind

You might have noticed that most television shows portray NYC apartments as spacious and artistic which is further from the truth. Some of the affordable apartments are as small as 750 square feet. If you happen to be looking for spacious apartments with cost-effective component, Chelsea may be the borough for you.