The use of cannabis as a warm-up supplement before workouts is still controversial, but it’s no longer all that uncommon for professional athletes — especially for recovery purposes after a heavy session. An intense workout often leads to soreness, stiffness, nausea, and sometimes long lasting exhaustion. Remedies for this post workout syndrome include Ibuprofen or having a light beer or glass of wine. This may seem innocuous enough, but NSAID drugs like Aleve or Ibuprofen are classified as ‘toxic’ drugs, because of the effect they can have on blood pressure and on the lining of the stomach. Constant usage can lead to bleeding in the stomach. And while a small serving of alcohol can take the edge off of just about any physical condition, it, too, can have long lasting toxic effects from the sulfites and tannins that most alcoholic beverages include as flavoring agents. To find really safe relief from the aches and pains of an intense workout, a cannabis supplement might be just the thing — so far, these supplements have not been shown to have any toxicity when taken in moderate amounts. And because the different components of cannabis are not all psychoactive, the relief that comes does not involve the dopamine centers of the brain. Here’s what the latest anecdotal evidence shows:

There are over 85 cannabinoids available in . It’s the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that most people mean when they refer to the intoxicating properties of cannabis. This is the chemical that is being modified and increased enormously in the sale and use of recreational cannabis. But studies show that the many other chemical compounds in cannabis act as a direct counteractive to the ‘high’ that people experience when using normal cannabis. These cannabidiols (CBD) are the main ingredients in the cannabis supplements used by athletes to recover from a punishing workout. They are also useful for milder aches and pains such as headaches, cramps, and common nausea. There is no ‘high’ involved in their use and users remain completely rational and unelevated when using the suggested dose. In states where the use of cannabis is now legal many caregivers are willing to recommend a high CBD supplement brand for those interested.

Cannabis for health is shown in recovering from mental and physical stress from an intense workout, when most people look for pain relief and relaxation, as well as protection against any lingering muscle inflammation. The indica strain of cannabis is normally recommended for this kind of relief, as it has a very high CBD level and very low THC level. These strains relax the muscles in a very smooth and gradual manner, giving the body no sudden surprises or triggering any psychoactive experiences in the brain. A cannabis supplement of indica is extremely well received by the body; thus only a very small dose is needed to be effective.

Many athletes will eat a CBD laced cookie or cracker after their workout for relief. This can take up to a half hour to begin to take effect. A faster way, of course, is to use a vape or a bong to inhale the fumes of the supplement directly into the lungs; this will bring relief in a matter of minutes, instead of having to wait for a half hour. There are many sophisticated inhalers on the market today, which provide a quick dose of CBD without any of the unpleasant odor often associated with cannabis vapor use.

Athletes who prefer a sustained daylong release should use a high end CBD edible of around ten milligrams, to see how the body responds. Dosage can be increased incrementally until a balanced experience of well being is reached. Remember that eating a meal prior to having a cannabis edible will slow down the absorption by as much as ninety minutes. Be careful of where you buy your CBD. Look into why you shouldn’t buy CBD on Amazon to learn more.

To recap:

A cannabis extract used as a recovery supplement has been shown to be effective in helping athletes recover from the effects of sustained and intense workouts by reducing inflammation in the muscles and joints. It also functions as a perfectly safe analgesic for muscle aches and cramps, and can alleviate headaches and migraines. It can also be used as a sleep aid for those who have trouble achieving a normal eight hour period of rest. Medical studies confirm that cannabis extract will alleviate all the symptoms of nausea without causing any disorienting effects. In those who struggle to maintain an optimum body weight because of poor appetite, cannabis supplements offer a mild and effective way to increase appetite and many believe that it is harmless and that you cannot become addicted to cannabis. There is also mounting evidence that cannabis supplements are effective against the symptoms of sports concussions. There is little doubt that there is benefit in the use of cannabis for health.