You could be experiencing confusion and emotional stress due to your car accident. What if you found out that to top your stress, the insurance company is spying on you? In several car accident cases, the insurance company hires a private investigator to spy on their claimant. This surveillance by an insurance company is commonly conducted to prove that the victim’s accident injuries are not as serious as they claim and, therefore, deny or reduce claim compensation.

Are Insurance Companies Legally Allowed to Spy After an Accident?

Insurance companies typically do not spy on claimants if the liability is clear. But if the insurance company has been spying, it could be a valid concern for the claimant, knowing that the insurance company is monitoring and analyzing their moves. In addition, it may seem unjust to claimants that the insurance company is watching them after they have been injured. But insurance companies have their own interests in mind and adopt notorious techniques such as spying on clients to collect evidence that the insurance company could use to diminish or disregard personal injury claims.

Although it may seem frustrating to claimants, the insurance companies are legally allowed to hire a spy to follow you in public places. Legal issues may only arise if the private investigator has been following you in places where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. Legal issues can also arise when the lines between public and private places become murky. If you believe that your insurance company has hired a private investigator to spy on you, it is best to hire a legal counsel who will help you understand your legal rights.

Online Privacy and Legal Rights Protection

The rise of social media has resulted in insurance companies spying on their claimant online. Insurance companies regularly use various social media platforms to gather evidence against the claimant. This makes it critical to ensure that you do not post anything online about your accident or injuries and limit access to your social media profiles.

Besides, it is recommended to be careful when adding new friends or followers as insurance companies may access your profile by following you. Also, ensure limiting the tags on your posts, shareable content, and overall social media activity when you are in the middle of a personal injury claim, as anything you post can drastically impact your claim.

How Can A Good Car Accident Attorney Help You?

You cannot directly stop the insurance companies from following you, but you can surely take steps to ensure that your claim compensation is not jeopardized. If you have reasons to believe that a private investigator is spying on you in your car accident case, it is imperative to hire a knowledgeable and informed personal injury attorney. An experienced lawyer will bring in the legal expertise necessary to handle the insurance companies. Besides, a good car accident attorney will work tirelessly to limit the information available to these insurance companies and protect your legal rights.