Minorities are notoriously underrepresented in the media.  The book world is attempting to correct this wrong. Writers are being encouraged to write their original stories with hashtags like #WeNeedDiverseBooks and #OwnVoices. It is vital that readers of all races, sexualities, and genders are accurately depicted in books. Books need diverse characters with their own unique stories because readers crave relatable characters that show an honest representation of society. If you’re not a part of a minority group, reading diverse literature will help you to understand a different human experience. Let’s celebrate diversity in books with these titles that put various cultural backgrounds and struggles in the forefront of society’s consciousness.

The Prince – LGBTQ Positive Without a Typical Narrative

The Prince is a harrowing story of two homosexual lovers in the fantasy world of Fenrir. Unlike most books featuring gay characters, The Prince’s narrative does not revolve around the characters’ coming out story. Instead, the characters have a thriving, well-established, loving relationship. That is, until, a radical religious group that is out for blood challenges their bond and threatens their safety. It’s an uplifting and refreshing take on romance that can be appreciated by the LGBTQ community and allies everywhere.


The Engine Woman’s Light – Celebrating Mexican and Native American Culture

Mexican Americans are too often underrepresented in Young Adult novels. The Engine Woman’s Light breaks the mold by telling an exciting tale from the perspective of a young Mexican-American teen. Protagonist Juanita is destined from birth to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and help save the local people from unspeakable horrors. Not only does this book resonate with young women, but it immerses readers in Hispanic and Native American culture not often seen in fiction literature.


XX v XY – Inspiration for Women in the #MeToo era

Women are rightfully speaking up about the wrongs committed against them. Society is turning a page on sexual discrimination and women are fighting to be heard. With passion and angst, women are looking for empowering books that highlight their fights. XX v XY: The Final World War is a powerful dystopian novel that shows the world in a power struggle between men and women. America is divided, and young girls are subjected to crimes against humanity. The women in XX v XY must rise up and fight to liberate themselves. XX v XY is an inspiration for women and a teaching tool to educate people on what could become of society should women ever lose their voice.


How Women Negotiate From a Position of Strength – Written to Empower Women of Color

Raye Mitchell, author of How Women Negotiate From a Position of Strength, believes that women of color should no longer be unseen. From schoolroom to the boardroom, black women are virtually invisible. At the leadership tables of America, black women are noticeably absent. Mitchell is committed to helping black women and girls beat the societal odds that are stacked against them. She created a series of books to educate and inspire these future leaders.

How Women Negotiate From a Position of Strength gives women the tools necessary to protect their brand and negotiate to the top. Raye Mitchell believes that we can strengthen our country by diversifying America’s workforce and promoting women of color into leadership positions


Next Therapist Please – Mental Illness in a New Light

There is no doubt that those suffering from mental illness often have to deal with stigmas and are vastly misunderstood. Unlike physical disabilities that can be seen outwardly, mental illness is difficult to immediately recognize. Laurie Finkelstein, author of Next Therapist Please, wants to break the stigma of mental illness with comedic relief. In this novel, protagonist Janie is on a long road to self-discovery and acceptance as she breezes through therapists. Janie suffers with several mental illnesses including OCD, depression, and anxiety. However, she is still able to find humor in her situation. Next Therapist Please celebrates the diversity of the human mind. It is a very relatable read for anyone suffering from mental illness or those looking to learn more through an accurate portrayal of the everyday struggles of living with mental illness.