There are over 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide and over 1 billion tablet users. According to a study, 10% of people check their phones every four minutes! It proportionately directs towards the app’s usage! It is a given rule that the mobile app industry is always in trend.

Another fun fact will blow your mind! Currently, there are over 2.8 million apps ready to download in the Google play store and over 1.9 million apps on Apple App Store. This shows how the technology business is thriving. However, out of those million apps, there is always only a handful that we go to (though trends help us decide which one to select).

Here are some of the trending apps and websites that are sure to retain their name even in 2022,

It is an email search engine. With just the professional’s name and the company name they belong to, this website can fetch and validate their email address. This freemium website finishes the task within minutes compared to the days of research an employee performs. is a free email finder app powered by artificial intelligence. It also has a chrome extension to the Linkedin account. So fetching the email contact on this professional media platform becomes a simple task. Use this application to enhance your email list or find the contact you’ve been searching for for a long time!


This application ensures that you stay on track with your goal no matter what. If you happen to go off track, then the only thing you will lose is money! Yes, you’ve read that right. This application takes in your credit card details, and every time you forget to water your plants or go to the gym, it charges $5 on your credit card.

This concept is quite intriguing and productive because people will be extra cautious about their goals with the fear of losing money. The application is especially useful for those who are extra lazy and need additional efforts to start changing their lives.

Todoist Karma

This productivity app is a task manager that helps in creating and maintaining your day to day tasks. It doesn’t just need to be for the work-related reminders but personal ones too. Like, remembering to water the plants or taking the trash out. This app can sync with all of the systems and phones to ensure smoother productivity.

You can customize the reminder by date and place. It also gives an option if you wish to get recurring notifications. You can also add people to the task and they will get the reminders accordingly. When the tasks are complete, everyone gets karma (a point system) each. The higher the karma points are, the better you get at the game.


It isn’t about just finishing the task anymore. Doing chores every day can get very boring! Thus these apps help to make things a little more fun, all while being productive. Hope you’ve liked them all. Let us know if you have any suggestions!