We are living in
the 21st century, riding the digital wave, as we leave traditional
writing methods behind, and if you haven’t already digitalised your office, it
should be a priority. In a few years’ time, children will no longer learn
cursive writing and our need for paper will be almost non-existent, and turning
all your document into ones and zeros offers a few big benefits to the business
owner, which we will examine in this article.

The Benefits

When you have scanned all documentation; invoices, receipts, official letters, meeting minutes, memos, presentations and just about everything else, your employees can bring up any item on their workstation screen. No longer will they have to go to the filing cabinet to retrieve the document they need, which saves a lot of time, plus your workforce is far more productive, and with no paper, you can finally throw away those bulky filing cabinets. If you are looking for digital marketing services, check out https://www.moveaheadmedia.com.au/services/google-ads/, one of Australia’s leading Digital Marketing companies that have all the solutions. The cloud also enables you to use VoIP as a business communication platform, and this will transform your lines of communication, as you can have video conferences and all your employees can use the network for interior and exterior calls. This saves you a fortune in telephone calls, plus it keeps everyone on the same page.

Cloud Based

All your data
should be on a cloud, a closed network that can only be accessed by authorised
personnel, which allows easy access from any location. You can create
permission hierarchies, controlling who can access what, and the user doesn’t
need to have bulky software on their device, only an Internet connection and
they can access, update and download all essential data. If you ever require
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How to

To digitalise an
office, a special team would come in with scanners and other IT equipment, then
they would systematically scan every single piece of documentation, which is
then stored on the cloud. Once completed, your staff are trained how to use the
system, and new paperwork is automatically scanned and stored, which really
streamlines your business processes. As the business owner, you would be the
administrator, who has access to everything and you can assign permissions to
specific employees, thus protecting your critical data. Your data would be
automatically backed up by the network provider, who would also handle
cyber-security, preventing hackers from accessing the data.

It won’t be long
before companies will cease to send paper copies, opting for email instead, and
if you have already digitalised your office, you will enjoy the many benefits
that digitalisation brings. It might be necessary to arrange some staff
training when the network provider can give your staff a hands-on training
session, enabling them to take full advantage of the cloud-based network, which
has to be good for the business.  Here is
a link to the Australian government website about environmental best practices.

Don’t wait for the
inevitable, take the first steps to becoming a hi-tech organisation and
transfer all documentation to digital format.