8 Tips for Enhancing Your Home's Pool Area During the Winter

Winter is often the perfect time to plan and execute changes around your property, especially around the pool area. But with so much potential, how do you figure out what to improve? Let’s take a look at eight tips for enhancing your home’s pool area during the winter.

1. First, Winterize Your Pool

Before you do any work on or around your pool, it’s crucial to winterize it first. This ensures that the pool makes it to spring and summer without broken pipes or dirty water.

2. Consider Adding Heating

If you’re someone who likes to take a dip year-round, adding heating to your pool is an excellent project to pursue during winter.

3. Remove Any Dead Plants (and Add New Ones)

While winter seems like a strange time to do any yard work, it’s actually perfect for removing plants and planting ones that thrive during winter. See what’s dead and needs to be cleared and what you can plant to enjoy next year.

4. Do Some Landscaping Work

Does the area around your pool need to be repaired or replaced? If so, prioritize landscaping this season to make sure that your pool looks stellar when you have guests over in the summer. Some landscaping projects can start in the winter, and even if you can’t start your landscaping projects yet, it’s important to have a plan in place for when warmer weather occurs.

5. Consider a Fireplace or Fire Pit

The pool area in your backyard is a place to entertain. As such, it needs to be suitable for guests throughout the year. Consider adding a fireplace or fire pit around your pool space so that people can stay warm when they gather outside. You could even install fixed or freestanding heaters in areas your new fireplace or fire pit doesn’t quite reach.

6. Add a Deck or a Patio

Is your pool space lacking an area where you can converse with your guests and enjoy a drink or a meal? You can easily enhance the surrounding pool area by adding a deck or a patio to your backyard, tying everything together.

7. Shop for New Pool Accessories

The problem with most pool accessories and even some furniture is that it degrades in the intense heat as well as in the cold. If you’ve noticed cracks in some of the furniture or toys in your pool area, shop for some suitable replacements and make sure to store them properly throughout the year.

8. Improve the Lighting in Your Space

Do you have a pool area that’s nearly impossible to navigate at night? Now’s the time to look for good lighting so you can see inside your pool and around it. You will thank yourself later.

The pool area is one of the most exciting parts of the home, but there is some work that needs to be done to make it ready for personal use or even for parties. If you’re ready to get to work this winter, use the eight tips above to enhance your pool area and make it worth the hype.