8 Smart Steps to Take for Opening Your Pool for Swimming

When it comes to your swimming pool, it’s important to understand the do’s and don’ts of completing the opening process. Knowledge is power; understanding how pools are cleaned will be invaluable as you maintain and care for your pool for years. Swimming pools are an important addition to any home, but it’s also vital for people to understand that not all pools are built the same. Each type of pool will be treated differently, so you must know how to open them safely and in the proper steps.

1. Safety Inspection

It’s important to ensure your swimming pool is free of safety hazards. It is very easy for a person to become injured or worse in a pool if you are not proactive in vigorously inspecting your pool’s safety. Always ensure you have a safety inspection performed by an experienced certified pool inspector before issuing any water closing order or notice to your local city council.

2. Clean and Remove Your Pool Cover

When closing your pool, always have a cover installed to protect your pool during winter. Studies have shown over the years that when pools are covered, they stay cleaner and are less expensive to maintain than pools that don’t have covers. Remove all debris from the pool and hose the sides and bottom of your pool to remove any leaves or other small particles.

3. Add Water

When you have covered your pool, it is important to take the time and add water to ensure it is adequately filled. This will keep your pool solid and ready for reopening in the spring of next year. Consider purchasing a rubberized sealant around the outside of the foundation to fix this problem.

4. Unplug and Reinstall Accessories

If you have any pumps, filters, heaters, or water chlorinators that are permanently installed into your pool, make sure you have removed the temporary plug from the wall and reinstalled the permanent fitting.

5. Care for Equipment

All pool equipment should be removed, cleaned, put away, or stored in a dry area. If you have a hazard in your pool, ensure it is secured so nothing can fall into the Water.

6. Clean Up After Yourself

When you have decided that you are going to close your pool, always make sure that you have cleaned up after yourself. This will ensure all impurities have been removed and the pool is ready to open.

7. Apply a Shock

Since you have cleaned your pool to remove all impurities, you need to apply an oxidizer and algae treatment called shock treatment. This will help fight off algae and keep your Water sparkling clear for the year. Make sure that you are following the directions exactly when applying this product.

8. Apply an Algaecide

After chlorine shock, you can add an algaecide to your water to help prevent algae from growing in your pool. When closing your swimming pool, follow all local laws and rules regarding open pools and orderly closures.

When you have done everything recommended above, your pool will be ready for use later this summer. Cleaning your pool correctly before the winter months will ensure you have a clean swimming pool for many years.