8 Important Tips for Finding the Veil of Your Wedding Dreams

A veil is a great way to showcase your style, so don’t be afraid to show yours off. When it comes time to start shopping for your bridal accessories, finding the veil of your dreams can be a daunting task. What material should you choose? Should you have a birdcage veil or cathedral length train? What about a blusher or decorative edge? The options are endless, but with some simple tips and tricks, you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect addition to your dream-come-true dress.

1- Find a Veil That Matches Your Personality

A birdcage veil is perfect for brides who want to display their playful side. Brides who want something more traditional might consider a double-layer veil with lace applique. Brides looking for more modern might opt for a floor-length veil with geometric embellishments.

2- Decide on Length

A chapel-length veil is ideal for brides who want elegance and romance, while a cathedral-length veil will make any bride feel like royalty. A fingertip-length veil will add charm and whimsy, while a waltz-length veil is perfect for brides who want to keep things simple.

3- Pick a Veil That Will Flatter Your Figure

If you have an hourglass figure, make it stand out even more by adding an applique to your birdcage or blusher veil. For brides who have an athletic figure, opt for a veil that will draw attention towards the gown’s neckline, such as a drop or single-tier veil.

4- Know Your Wedding Theme Beforehand

Choosing the right wedding veil may depend on what type of wedding you’re having. If you’re having a themed wedding, choosing a veil that will match it is essential. For example, if you have a vintage theme, you might go for a birdcage veil or one with vintage lace.

5- Find the Right Veil Style

When choosing a veil, a few things to consider is what kind of dress are you wearing? Is it fitted or full? Do you want something that enhances your look, or do you want something that doesn’t distract from the dress? And what kind of theme will your wedding have? Will it be traditional or rustic?

6- Consider How It Will Be Worn

Veils can either be worn as a headpiece or attached to a comb tucked into the hair. A headpiece is perfect if you are looking for something futuristic or edgy. If you have longer hair and want the veil to appear as if it is floating behind you in pictures, then you’ll want to tuck it into a comb.

7- Choose Your Veil Shopping Crew Wisely

Brides typically shop with one or two people from their bridal party or family members. The people you bring with you should know your style and help pick out a veil that complements your wedding dress and personality. Make sure you stick with just a few people to ensure everyone’s opinion is heard and there aren’t any conflicting opinions on how your wedding day should look!

8- Find a store that offers customization Options

You’ll have more options if you’re willing to have your veil custom-made, which will allow you to pick the right length, color, and material for your wedding day look. It may cost more money upfront but will result in a much more personalized couture piece!

Don’t forget that veils aren’t just for brides who want a traditional look. If your dress has beautiful detailing at the back or on the sleeves, a veil can help highlight these details by drawing attention to them.