7 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Employees Before Year End

Every year in December, we all want a happy, motivated staff. The question is, how can you make sure that happens? Here are 7 simple ways to keep your team positive and thriving between now and the end of this year.

1- Have an End-of-Year Party

End-of-year parties are great, and it’s not just the people who work for you who can enjoy them. Your employees will feel appreciated, and if you invite friends, they’ll all come out of it with some good memories of the year and hopefully some great tips for making 2019 bigger and better than this one! So keep your team motivated between now and the year’s end.

2- Book a Motivational Speaker

Hire a speaker not just to motivate your people but to inspire them too. Your people are more likely to feel motivated by hearing about someone else’s success than by encouraging them to continue doing their work.

3- Show Appreciation

We’ve all heard this advice and feel guilty if we don’t meet it. We should all be doing this, but managers and leaders must show appreciation to those who keep the organization in motion.

4- Grant Recognition

We’ve all read 10 best practices articles on team building and making employees feel appreciated, but they never seem to work. This one is different because it ties back to the “Show Appreciation” rule.

5- Give Everyone a Chance to Say Thank You

The first five minutes of every meeting is a great time for your people to thank each other, but it’s not just for them. The meeting leader can ensure everyone gets a chance to say thanks and be thanked.

6- Be Spontaneous

As you’re doing these things, take opportunities to surprise people with treats and gifts. Be sure to ask your employees what they’d like to receive! Don’t make it feel like work. Make it feel like a celebration.

7- Keep Momentum Going

It sounds simple enough, but it’s important to ensure that everyone feels like you’re singing from the same song sheet. Celebrate as a company, and be sure your staff knows you’re not just another organization looking for a better year ahead. This is your team, after all!

This is the last one, and it’s my favorite. You must ensure that people feel like they’re in a learning organization. You need to grow as a leader and learn with them. It also means that you should be taking the time to find out what your people want from their jobs or how they want their jobs changed.

When you can think of a way to motivate your staff every time you sit down with them, it’s a sign that leadership is well underway. If not, it’s time to get on track.

I want my team members to be happy and motivated in the new year. Because the year is coming to an end, I want my team members to know exactly where we’re headed. I also want them to feel like they’ve been given more responsibility and are capable of making things happen!