7 Reasons to Sell Custom T-shirts as a Nonprofit Fundraiser

One of the most important aspects of a nonprofit no matter what type is fundraising. Nonprofits need money to fund their services, and this much-needed money is raised by various fundraisers. Selling custom t-shirts is a wonderful way to raise money and awareness for a nonprofit organization.

1. Powerful Marketing Tools

Apart from being a way to raise profit and sell merchandise, selling custom t-shirts is an excellent marketing tool that can help you build your nonprofit’s image and promote your cause at the same time. Having crucial information about your organization, such as your name, contact number, website address, logo, and other details on the shirt becomes an effective medium to get more people interested in your cause.

2. Promote Awareness

At fundraisers and charity events, you can promote your organization in a very public way. The information about your nonprofit on the t-shirts can help generate additional awareness. People will be more aware of your organization, and if their friends or family members see the t-shirt, they will get curious enough to find out more. You will have encouraged them to visit your website or contact you directly.

3. Multi-Use Merchandise

Selling custom t-shirts is an excellent way to provide multi-use merchandise. These t-shirts can have multiple uses, such as clothing at an event. In addition to that, they can also be used as a thank you gift after the event has concluded or on other occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

4. Easy to Plan/Budget

Another great advantage of selling custom t-shirts is that they are easier and cheaper to produce in comparison with other forms of merchandise. You can also easily plan and manage your budget as you need a simple design and image for the t-shirt and a vendor who will help you create the shirt.

5. Flexibility

Selling custom t-shirts provides you with room for creativity. You can choose the design and artwork you want on your t-shirt. Your vendor can customize the final product in any way you prefer, including the font, layout, size, design, or color. You will also have a lot of flexibility in how you want people to wear the shirt as it is an individual’s choice what to wear it for.

6. High-Profit Margin

A major benefit of selling custom t-shirts is their high-profit margin. You can sell your shirts at a lower price and still make huge returns for your organization. You can also use the shirts to increase the funds raised at different events, further helping you raise awareness as well as money for your cause.

7. Potential for Reselling

Have you realized that you have the potential to resell the t-shirt for even more money than what it sold for the first time around? Yes! You cannot do in other forms of merchandise, so this helps increase your profit margin significantly.

With these benefits in mind, consider selling custom t-shirts at community events, charity fairs, and fundraisers as an opportunity to promote your nonprofit’s image and raise more funds for your cause.