CBD has become a mainstream ingredient today. From medical applications, the compound transitioned into several applications in cosmetics, fitness, and wellness products. CBD is thus slowly becoming an innate component of our everyday lives. 

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Whether you are already using CBD or curious about experiencing the compound, you might have to travel with the product at some point in time. Flying with cannabis can be a challenge. With evolving laws and state policies, can CBD influence your travel plans? Here are six essential points to remember while flying with CBD. 

1. Opt For Hemp-Derived CBD 

Federal regulations surrounding CBD oil and infused products can be quite confusing. TSA forbids passengers from carrying marijuana or derived products during both domestic and international travel. It means that understanding the CBD source at hand is a critical factor determining the legality of the product. 

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Marijuana-derived CBD may fall under the banned list of products. On the other hand, hemp-derived CBD oil that contains less than 0.3 percent THC concentration is legal at the federal level. Therefore, you can carry these infused products without having to stress about the security problem. As a precaution, understand the local laws in the destination city to ensure no restrictions on CBD products. 

2. Buy Legal Products 

According to the TSA website, Cannabidiol oil or derived products containing no more than the federally approved THC concentration (0.3 % by dry weight) is legal to carry while flying. But TSA is required to report in case a passenger travels with illegal drugs or products found during routine security checks. 

As long as you carry legal cannabis products, you do not have to worry about getting into trouble. A simple way to justify the authenticity of the product is to carry it in its original packaging. Check the origin and THC concentration of the product before packing. Buy products from government-licensed dispensaries and carry the invoice if possible. If you wish to purchase from online stores, look for reputed brands like Sunday Scaries CBD gummies who promise lab-tested cannabis products. 

3. Place In Your Carry On

One of the most common mistakes while traveling with CBD oil is hiding it in the carry-on. If the product appears during a regular baggage scan, chances are the airport may retain the luggage for security reasons.  As long as you travel with hemp-derived CBD oil that is legal in your state, place it in your carry-on baggage. 

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Remember, the general rule for carrying any liquid on board applies to CBD oil as well. No exceptions, such as those applicable in medications or breast milk, extend to CBD, even if intended for therapeutic applications. Try to retain the original packaging to get through the screening. If it contains more than the approved limit, transfer the excess and carry the cannabinoid in the primary package. In case TSA officers search the luggage and ask a question about the product, answer confidently.  

4. Check Out The International Laws 

Taking an international flight with CBD can be tricky compared to flying domestically. The destination country might have an entirely new set of rules for cannabis and derived products. While some countries allow CBD, some have strict laws and severe penalties for carrying the cannabinoid inside the country. 

Typically, the Customs And Border Patrol authorities will deal with such cases during international travel. They will enforce the local laws of the destination country while screening your luggage. So, unless you are using an FDA-approved medication such as Epidiolex, avoid traveling with CBD to other countries. Also, carry the original prescription along for CBD-infused medication to avoid trouble. 

5. Carry The Certificate Of Analysis 

Always carry the CoA or Certificate of Analysis of the CBD product while traveling. Most reputed brands provide a Certificate Of Analysis along with the product during purchase. Some companies also put up the certificate on their websites. If not, you can contact the company and request a copy of the same. 

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The certification is typically done by a third-party lab analyzing the concentration and quality of various ingredients present in the product. It will state whether the product is hemp-derived and also provide the exact concentration of THC. This information will help you get through security checks with much ease, especially if TSA decides to question you about the product. 

6. Be Careful While Using On Board

CBD oil can be beneficial to calm anxious flyers. The spectrum of cannabinoids can ease the fear of flying and help you get through the journey in a relaxed manner. A prevalent question among passengers is if you can use CBD while on board. Yes, you can use CBB on board. 

But there are a few essential points to keep in mind while using CBD on the aircraft. Avoid using methods like vaping for dosing on CBD as it is prohibited in the plane. You can use sublingual drinks like CBD oil or tinctures for the best benefits. Alternatively, you can utilize more subtle ways of introducing CBD like gummies, edibles, creams, lotions, ointments, sprays. 


Remember these important points while flying with CBD. It will help you avoid the chances of hassles during security checks and travel easily with the cannabinoid. Always purchase high-quality CBD products that provide the necessary details about the product to make your travel safe and smart. If doubtful, consider buying CBD at the destination to eliminate any challenges while traveling with the cannabinoid.