When you buy a new car, it immediately becomes your pride and joy. You drive it as carefully as possible, taking care not to let a single scratch or smear of dirt ruin its beautiful exterior. You clean it lovingly from top to bottom every weekend and make sure it is spotless inside and out.

But over time, it is easy to let your standards slip. You become accustomed to the same old set of wheels and neglect to keep it as clean and well-oiled as you once did. Eventually, you may even get to the stage where you only clean it a few times a year and gradually let it fall into disrepair.

The average age of a car is around 14 years, but with enough care, you could make your new vehicle last a lot longer than that. By learning some crucial maintenance tips, you can avoid having to scrap your motor and let your money take you a lot further.

Keep it clean

A clean car is a healthy car. You may think that the dust and dirt all over your vehicle is just a matter of aesthetics, but it could be a sign of deeper issues. Make some time every so often to give your car a thorough clean inside and out, paying attention not only to the obvious areas but also underneath the hood. Any minor debris around the engine could do major damage if left unchecked.

Maintain your car’s battery

When a car is left on the driveway for a long time, the battery can deteriorate and go flat. Of course, you can jumpstart it, but this only puts additional strain on the battery and you’ll only end up having to replace it. Take your car out for regular drives to keep things functioning smoothly under the hood.

Drive smoothly

Aggressive driving not only burns fuel but also puts additional wear and tear on your vehicle. Accelerate and decelerate smoothly, and look ahead on the road to avoid the need for sudden braking.

Change your filters

Oil and air filters can get clogged up over time so make sure you replace them regularly. It’s easy enough for any driver to perform this job themselves to save a bit of time and money. Keeping your filters in good condition now can save you a trip to the auto body shop later.

Top up fluids regularly 

Your car survives on fluids like fuel, engine oil, coolant, and even screen wash. Keep these topped up all the time and check the levels every couple of weeks. Failing to do so could lead to engine failure and a potentially serious accident.

There are so many easy ways to keep your car running in peak condition, but these are five of the most important. Listen to your car and address any red flags before they become major issues. Otherwise, you could not only end up spending money on a new car, but it could also have dire consequences for yourself and other road users. Be smart and look after your vehicle.