5 Key Ways to Maintain Security with Paper Checks

Today, most people use debit can credit cards to make purchases and complete financial transactions. However, there are some individuals who still prefer to use paper checks in order to make large purchases. While paper checks are less common, it is still important for people to make sure that all of their checks are secured. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can secure a paper check. Consumers can use technology such as laser printers as well as holograms to ensure that their checks cannot be stolen or used again by a thief. With other measures such as anti-copy technology and notifications, individuals can ensure that all of their paper checks are completely secure in an increasingly digital world.

1. Use Checks With a Hologram

One of the best ways to secure a check is to use ones that have a safety hologram. This feature adds an extra layer to protect the check from being copied. A check with a hologram is hot stamped. It also has a multi-dimensional seal that prevents it from being used by another person. Along with having a seal, hologram checks are also embedded with security features.

2. Make Sure Checks are Cashed

Another good way to secure a check is to make sure that they are cashed. As soon as you issue a check, look into your account to find out if it has been cashed. It is very important that any check you use gets cashed immediately so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. By making sure that your checks are cashed, you will be certain that the transaction is completed and you won’t have to worry about your bank account information being compromised.

3. Anti-Copy Technology

Whenever you are looking to secure a check, it is a good idea to use anti-copy technology. Proprietary technology prevents the reproduction of checks. Since they can’t be duplicated with a copier, thieves are unable to get a legitimate copy of the check. Instead, they will receive either a black or blank page regardless of the type of copier they use. It is best to use anti-copy technology with a laser printer. To learn more about anti-copy technology for printing checks visit laserprinterchecks.com.

4. Mobile Deposit Reminders

As well as using certain paper and technology, it is also important to get reminders when managing your paper checks. A good way to manage and secure paper checks is to use mobile deposit reminders. This allows you to keep up to date on all of your checks and help you make sure that you deposit them quickly. A mobile deposit reminder will inform you of when to make the deposit as well as confirm it within a matter of seconds. This method will ensure that your paper checks are always secure and protected from fraudsters.

5. Checks With Built-In Security

Whenever you are looking to secure paper checks, it is advised to use ones that come with built-in security. A high-security check has many different features that prevent them from being copied and stolen. Some of these include chemically sensitive paper as well as an area that detects chemical washes. These checks also come with invisible fluorescent fibers as well. With all of these features, you will not have to worry about a paper check being compromised by thieves.