Writing & Research: Aaron M. Weis

With the growing trend in CBD or cannabidiol usage in recent years, there are still countless advantages to this chemical compound that is being referred to as the miracle molecule.

One such avenue that has gained tremendous attention as of late is the incalculable number of practical applications that CBD has in terms of being utilized in many different forms of beauty products.

Considering how this specific cannabinoid has been leveraged to treat everything from cancer, Alzheimer’s and substance abuse, it makes sense that the vendors of the beauty industry have recently cornered this market treats a far-reaching range of conditions.

This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the benefits of CBD and its applications within the beauty market.

Skin Care:

Arguably the most apparent, and yet overlooked implementation of CBD beauty products is its capacity as a natural remedy for everyday skin care.

One of the most beneficial factors of applying the many different forms of CBD goods is found in the way that it acts as an anti-oil.

Most skin care treatment regimens run into the complication that they don’t meet the need of providing an effective means to aid oily skin.

However, this is not the case in the administration of the properties inherently found in CBD.

             A study shows that endocannabinoid and vanilloid(TRPV1) receptors play a crucial part in various skin reactions like pain and inflammation. CBD oil for skin interacts with these receptors to reduce itchiness and pain.

The oral consumption of CBD allows its users to address this problem area by supplementing certain reactors in the body that are responsible for the body’s capacity to fight inflammation.

Consequently, this practice of CBD consumption provides its users with a means to open up clogged pores, assist in the process of removing unwanted pimples, acne, and other ailments related to oily skin.

Attending to oily skin only scratches the surface level in terms of the many different ways in which CBD oil can be used in the nursing of skin care.

In addition to treating oily skin, various CBD beauty products can also be utilized as a natural moisturizer for itchy skin and act as an anti-aging agent.

Topicals –

One of the more popularized CBD items to hit the shelves is that of the vast array of different topicals.

Topicals include the likes of commonplace commodities such as lip balms, salves, lotions, in addition to creams, and when coupled with various CBD agents, assist in the treatment of skin care by essentially reversing the signs and symptoms of aging.

CBD topicals accomplish this noteworthy feat in their capacity to minimize differing inflammation processes that lead to acne, eczema, psoriasis and chronic pain. This is why the general populace has seen a tremendous influx in topical ointments being utilized as a means to replace hazardous and addictive painkillers.

Supplements –

While topicals may be slowly gaining traction and gaining attention in this particular industry,  it is the various types of supplements available in this market that people think of when the topic of CBD based beauty treatment comes up.

These supplements include the likes of CBD oils, capsules, and other consumables, that are simply abounding with rich nutrients and antioxidants that are not only extremely beneficial and healthy but also part of a natural and complex biological process.

Simply put, the number of vitamins and minerals that are essentially centrifuged into CBD supplements interact with different cannabis-like reactors that are intrinsically apart of our genetic makeup. These vitamins and minerals stimulate various chemical receptors in our bodies such as that of anandamide, or what is otherwise known as the bliss molecule.

In turn, this complex chemical reaction manifests itself in providing for a better sense of homeostasis, creating for quality sleep and regulated mood and appetite.  We can observe the fact that those who strongly consume such supplements seem to be absolutely radiating or glowing from this very fascinating process.

Bath Bombs –

The main difference between these particular bath bombs and any other that one would expect to see on the market, whether infused or non-infused, is the simple fact that these products replace many of the unnatural materials with CBD alternatives.

In so doing, the essential CBD oils soak into the bath water, and as it absorbs or assimilates into the skin, creating for an effect that alleviates muscular level aches, pains, and tension. This is another testimony to the many ways that CBD acts as a natural remedy as to a painkiller.

Masks –

With all the buzz surrounding CBD and all its skincare advantages, of all the products mentioned in this list, masks are a line of products that are for the most part relatively new in the lineup.

Just as one would expect with any other similar product in the beauty industry, CBD masks include everything from charcoal peel off to sheet masks.

However, again, as is consistent with the typical pattern of these items, these masks are teaming with CBD oils in unison with a vast plethora of different moisturizers that comfort the skin while boosting collagen levels.

In summary:

With all the different types of CBD beauty products, there should be no problem in finding a regime that is tailored specifically to your individual aesthetic needs.

Whether it is one of the supplements, topicals, masks, or any other similar kinds of merchandise, there is no questioning as to how CBD and all of its properties are taking this industry in a frenzied storm due to all of its distinguishable health benefits.

Apart from Hair, Make-up and other forms of beauty, you can also consider using CBD focused products for your general self-care.  There are CBD infused perfumes and candles available that are known to ease anxiety. You can also include a small dose of CBD oil in your coffee as it has its set of benefits.

CBD is definitely revolutionizing the beauty industry. It will be interesting to see the growth in its application across the industry. With continuous research being conducted by various scientific institutions globally, it is certain that this natural remedy will keep replacing unnatural supplements more efficiently.

All said and done, please do consult a doctor before the extensive use of CBD and do conduct enough research about any specific product or brand.