5 Benefits of Having a Real Estate Lawyer Help You Buy a House

A home is more than likely the biggest purchase you will ever make, but it can also be a very complex process. Real estate lawyers specialize in property transactions and can help take some risk away from you as the buyer by helping you understand the legal part of the home-buying process and advocating for you along the way. Here’s a look at all the benefits of hiring a lawyer to help you with the purchase of your home.

1. You’ll Have Someone to Review Your Contract

The legal jargon included in your contract will likely be confusing to you, but failing to read it or thoroughly understand it before you sign it can be risky. A real estate attorney can help you review your contract to ensure that you understand all of the terms outlined within it. They can also alert you to anything that could become problematic in the long run and help negotiate any amendments on your behalf.

2. Intermediary Services

A real estate lawyer can help you communicate with your realtor to set dates for critical things like title searches, mortgage commitments, and home inspections. All of these are a vital part of the home-buying process but may be confusing to the average buyer.

3. Thorough Review of Important Documents

If you’ve purchased a home before, you’re aware that there’s a lot of paperwork involved. A real estate lawyer can help you review important documents like property descriptions, land surveys, title insurance policies, and mortgage satisfaction records. If something is missing or seems off in any of these documents, they’ll be able to advocate for you to ensure everything is in place before you sign anything.

4. Help With the Title Search

You don’t want to go through most of the buying process only to discover that the seller was never legally permitted to sell the home or that an easement was put in place to allow other people to access the property. A real estate attorney can perform a title search during the buying process to discover potential issues like these before it is too late. Some can be resolved without impacting the sale of the home, but others may cause you more trouble during the buying process than the home is worth.

5. Assistance With Filing Paperwork

A real estate attorney can help you ensure that the mountain of paperwork you need to complete during the buying process is signed and filed accurately. This will allow the title to be transferred into your name and any other important legal documents in the most efficient manner.

Whether it’s your first time buying a home or you’ve been through the process before, it’s good to have guidance along the way. Real estate lawyers can be an extremely helpful resource as you navigate through the home-buying process. They’ll keep your best interest in mind and ensure that all paperwork is completed accurately and efficiently. So, if you’re in the market to buy, be sure to reach out to a real estate attorney before you get started.