4 Simple Ways to Lower Vehicle Speeding on a Military Base

It might seem like a simple matter for a military base to lower the speed limit due to their proximity to civilians. Still, military bases are unique in that they are often far from populated areas. There are a few ways that bases can lower speeding rates on their own. These include: adding signs and flashing lights, placing barricades on streets, and replacing roads with different types of concrete.

1. Use Radar Speed Signs

Radar speed signs are used to measure the speed at which a vehicle is traveling, and installing these signs in high traffic areas on the military base is one of the easiest ways to lower vehicle speeding. Using radar speed signs will allow drivers to be aware of how fast they are driving which is key because many drivers are simply unaware of how fast they are going. Installing radar speed signs on a military base is an investment in protecting the many civilians, military members, and veterans who live on or visit the military base.

2. Enforce Effective Speeding Laws

Military bases are any area where the military is present, so it would be illegal to drive at a high speed in these zones. This also includes the areas around the entrance, exit, and speed limit zones. You should expect to be pulled over if you happen to enter one of these zones while driving at a high speed. Enforcing laws in other areas can help drivers understand the consequences of speeding on a military base.

3.  Create Designated Bike Lanes or Pedestrian Paths

Military bases are some of the most dangerous places for pedestrians. With people often driving to and from work, military bases are often congested with cars. Newly designated bike lanes or pedestrian paths can help lower speeding and reduce the number of traffic accidents that happen on the base. Bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths that are not designated for cars can also help reduce speeding and the number of traffic accidents.

4.  Use Speed Bumps in Parking Lots

Speed bumps are a common feature of parking lots and can be helpful for traffic safety. They can help slow traffic down and make pedestrians feel safer. They can be installed in a variety of places such as the entrance, exit, or around the parking lot. Speed bumps are especially useful in areas like residential neighborhoods, near schools and hospitals, and on multi-lane roads to slow traffic. Speed bumps are also common in commercial areas where they’re used to help prevent parking lot damage and keep employees safe. There are many types of speed bumps including a Friction bump which is a simple piece of rubber or metal that comes up from the ground and rubs against the tires of vehicles, effectively slowing them down.

When driving on a military base, it’s important to stay aware of the different speed limits and to be mindful of pedestrians. Military bases can take several simple steps to protect both the drivers and pedestrians who frequent the base.