4 Crucial Car Security Tips to Always Keep in Mind

Buying a car isn’t the easiest feat. For most people, it takes years of saving up to be able to get a car and others, save up their entire lives to finally get the car they had been dreaming of. But once the car is in your garage, there’s always the looming threat of it being stolen. We’ve all seen enough movies to know that if a thief is skill enough, they can even steal your car from your home without you knowing! But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to protect your car. There are certain security measures that you can take which will protect your vehicle and give you the peace of mind that when you park your car somewhere, it’s going to stay there until you decide to move it!

4 Crucial Security Tips You Need to Use for Your Car’s Safety

  1. Never leave the engine running 

    No matter how quick you’re going to be in and out of your car, it is crucial that you never leave your engine running. A lot of people start their car and remember that they had to go get something from their home or just think that they’re only going to be gone for a minute and think it’s okay to let the engine idle while they do. But it is not.

    If you just leave your engine running and leave the car, it’s pretty much an open invitation for a thief to steal it. Think about it, they don’t even have to go through the trouble of unlocking it and starting the car, you’ve done all of that for them! They just have to get in and drive off.  You have to acknowledge that the threat of someone driving off with your car is always imminent, so, whenever you’re going to be stepping out of your car, even if it’s just for a minute, turn it off and lock it!

  1. Check the key-fob routinely

    Your key-fob may have added a world of convenience into your life, but it also comes with its own risks. Key-fobs are supposed to be looked after and maintained as they’re the way you get in and out and start your car! If you notice that your keyfob is glitching, or has entirely stopped working, try replacing its batteries. If that doesn’t work, visit a locksmith Birmingham, or a locksmith in your local area and show them the fob. They should be able to fix it easily and it’ll ensure that your key is always functional, keeping your car secure!
  1. Use an RFID Blocking case

    Even if you have your key inside your home, if it’s close enough to the door, a thief can easily use a transmitter and relay the signal and trick your car into thinking that the key is with them. This is because your key-fob works wirelessly. You can avoid the signal from being relayed by getting an RFID Blocking case to block the signal, or if your key comes with a WiFi-OFF button, toggle that off. This way, your key-fob will only be functional when you intend to use it!
  1. Install a GPS Tracker

    Although the three steps we’ve mentioned above are great for the security of your vehicle and will make it far less likely that you’re going to experience theft, there’s always a small amount of risk that it will happen. If you install a GPS tracker in your car, even if it does get stolen, the thief won’t be able to hide it from you because you’ll be able to track it wherever it goes! This way, you can alert the authorities and recover your vehicle very easily! 

Keeping these 4 essential tips in mind and adhering to them every day, will make sure that your vehicle is as safe as it possibly can be!