4 Benefits of Having Your Septic System Inspected Annually

Septic systems play a large part in how well your house functions. Even though you don’t typically think of a septic system in day-to-day living, the moment your septic system fails, it will affect every aspect of your household living.  To keep your septic system working properly, you will receive the following four benefits from having your septic system inspected annually.

1. Septic System Maintenance Saves You Money

Many homeowners delay their septic system maintenance as a way to save money, but you do not want to lower your household costs by forgoing septic system maintenance. If the septic system fails, you will have a sewage disaster to clean up, and this may cost you thousands of dollars more.

If you plan to sell your home, you will not be able to list the house at the highest price because the septic system may not be in optimal condition. Therefore, annual inspections save you much more money than they cost you.

2. When It Comes Time to Replace the Septic System, You Will Have Time

When you inspect your septic system on an annual basis, your technician will be able to detect cracks and leaks early. This is beneficial because, if you wait until the crack or leak is so large that you can see it with your untrained eyes, the damage will be much more extensive. Because of this, you will, most likely, be required to replace the septic system right away. If, on the other hand, you have the septic system inspected annually, your technician will find the cracks or leaks while it is still early. Then, you will have time to prepare for this expense.  

3. You Aren’t Likely to Experience Sewage Backups

Waiting too long to have your septic system inspected causes you to be unaware of the need to pump the system. The sewage that backs up in your yard or your home contains wastewater that has bacteria, viruses, and large amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus. A septic system that you maintain regularly removes the majority of these pollutants. If you fail to maintain your sewage system, improperly treated sewage can cause disease in animals and humans.

4. The Drains Will Always Remain Free of Clogs

Your drains will begin to become clogged if you do not have your septic system inspected on a frequent enough basis. This is what happens when you are in the shower and the drain is running slowly. Because of this, you will end up standing in a pool of water. It is also the reason that your sinks’ drains run slowly. With annual inspections,  you can avoid these inconveniences. The technicians will pump your septic system so that the water has enough room to run through the system without causing the water to slow down. 

In addition to the four benefits of annual inspections listed above, your technician can also give you an education on the types of things you should and should not flush down your toilet. It will be beneficial to have someone explain to you and the members of your family which are the best practices for caring for a septic system.