With the recent Covid-19 pandemic finally coming to a close, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, because of the events that have transpired and the economy world wide seeming to have taken a downhill spiral, many people lost their jobs and are now looking for work. Some of these people were in entry level positions, but many were in executive level positions. With their careers taken from them, but a very specific skill set under their belts, they’re looking for new work. If you find yourself in this category, no need to worry, there are a number of ways you can still find executive level work. Every situation is different, but many of the means of finding work are the same. Here’s 3 ways you can find executive level work.

1.      Executive Search

There are a number of different staffing agencies who pride themselves on being able to find work quickly for those on the hunt. Their job quite literally is to provide the people with specific skill sets with the work that they will benefit from and that will benefit the company. If you’re finding it hard to find work, leave it to the professionals. This is what they’re paid to do.

2.      Non-Profit search Firms

There are a lot of non-profit organizations that are busier than ever right now. There’s a lot of humanitarian work that needs to be done around the world right now, and it seems that people aren’t signing up to help. However, donations have begun to accelerate during this time of giving and gifts, and many non-profit organizations need help to regulate this influx of income. If you’re looking for an executive position, nonprofits are always great places to check out first.

3.      Referrals. 

A good friend of mine once told me that you should only ever have to write one resume. After that, every job change or exchange should be through referral. If you have friends in positions that seem desirable to you, go and talk to them. Have them write you a review or submit a request for your application. No application looks as good as one that is coming in with a referral or recommendation from someone that management has already hired on. If you are finding it hard to find work, go about it in a different light. 

Open your mind to the possibilities and they are literally endless! Use what you have around you, keep and open mind and ACT! Acting on what you have available to you is the only sure way to success. It is impossible to make any progress unless you make a conscious effort to make the change.