3 Warning Signs that Your House Needs a New Roof

Maintaining the home’s roof is essential to keeping you and your family safe from extreme weather, animals, and interior home damage. Make sure your roof isn’t showing any of these warning signs and always be aware of water damage or signs of rodents in the home.

1- Shingles are Disintegrating or Damaged

Some of the first exterior signs will be the shingles themselves falling off or sliding around on the roof. They may be falling apart or damaged from wildlife or age. This is an issue that will quickly worsen as more shingles come loose and fall into the yard. Pieces and sediment from the shingles will be found in the gutters, causing clogs and overflows during heavy rains.

Bald spots or curled shingle edges will also let you know that the roof needs to be updated or replaced soon. Your roof may also begin to grow moss or mold that can be green, brown, or white. The overall appearance of your home will decrease as the roof worsens and starts to affect the interior.

2- Sagging Ceilings or Water Streaks

Once a roof begins to show physical signs of deterioration, the interior of the home will soon be impacted. Ceilings will begin to sag and ripple as water accumulates in the attic or leaks directly into bedrooms. Paint will begin to yellow and blister, creating unpleasant smells, sights, and stains. The nature and intensity of water damage from the roof will only worsen the longer the issue remains. Too much water in the walls can cause damage all the way down to the basement, resulting in a consistent musty smell and low air quality.

Light can begin to shine through the roof if enough water damage has been done to the wood under the shingles. This will give pests like birds, raccoons, and other rodents easy access to the attic and the home. New unpleasant odors and rustling sounds can indicate wildlife have found access to the walls of the home.

3- Roof is More Than 20 Years Old

A home’s roof is made of durable shingles and other materials that keep out rain, sunlight, and animals for decades. However, there will always come a time when a roof needs to be replaced and upgraded to avoid home damage and take advantage of new options on the market. Roofing contractors are always able to help you find the best roof for your home.

Your home may need a new roof if it’s more than 20 years old, and the neighbors around you have begun replacing their roofs. This is a sign that they’ve begun experiencing issues with their roof that you will begin to experience as well. Changing your roof out before it shows heavy damage is a great way to minimize costs and potential harm to the rest of the harm.

A roof is designed to keep a home and all its occupants safe from the forces of nature. After several decades, a roof often has to be changed out due to age, weather, or animal damage. A roof’s lifespan can even be affected by improper attic ventilation. Prepare for this remodel ahead of time and avoid costly home damages by constantly checking your roof and getting a professional opinion when needed.