3 Tips for Choosing a Cigar to Complement Your Favorite Whiskey

You may not be a cigar aficionado. But if you do enjoy a good beverage in the evening, you’re sure to want to make the most of your Saturday night out. If you’ve been looking for some recent tips on choosing a cigar and alcohol pairing, then this guide is for you – because where there’s whiskey, there are cigars and other appropriate companionship!

1. Choose Your Beverage

What is the drink you’re going to pair with your cigar? Typically, it’s a whiskey or a scotch. Knowing which of these spirits will be the best match for your cigar can make choosing the perfect beverage an absolute slam dunk, so we’ve taken care of that. Whiskey and scotch are perfect partners because both are alike in many ways. Both are based on grains, and both have a palate. Both are smooth, warming, and satisfying – the perfect companions for a cigar.

Whiskey is an acquired taste depending on the person, but we can’t argue that it’s a perfect companion for cigars. Whiskey and scotch are both broad categories. Scotch tastes like whiskey; Scotch has a smoky flavor that adds to the experience of drinking it. Whiskey gets better with age, unlike some other liquors whose flavor gets worse in the bottle as time goes on. Whisky can also be tasty when mixed with soda or ginger ale. For more info, check out this site cigar.com.

2. Pick a Smoke that Pairs with Its Base

Once you’ve chosen the perfect beverage to accompany your cigar, you might want to consider the cigar itself. Cigars are made out of three primary ingredients: the wrapper, the binder, and the filler. A cigar wrapper is what gives its character. A wrapper can be spicy or rich, even nutty – it can also have a flavor that will complement a drink (or not). The binder and filler are the main ingredients in a cigar.

These can be earthy, nutty, smoky, or sweet – delicious and fitting partners for any drink. If a drink has a robust flavor, you may want to pair it with an earthier cigar. Try something with a milder flavor if you like something creamy or smooth. If you’re looking for something more complex and less bold, choose something lower in both casings and strength.

3. Pick a Cigar Based on Your Palate

It is an important factor in selecting a cigar. The best way to choose is by learning what your tastes are. There are many different kinds of cigars on the market, so try out different kinds until you find the perfect one for your palate. For example, if you’re looking for a mild flavor, go for something like a Connecticut or Vermont. A Connecticut has a smooth and creamy flavor, and Vermont cigars have spicy notes that go beautifully with whiskey.

If you have a good idea of what whiskey and cigars taste like, it should be easy to find the perfect combination. Maybe you like the strong taste of rye, which is best paired with a Virginia cigar that has its bold notes. Maybe you like something lighter and easier going, in which case an Ecuador Connecticut would be just the thing.