3 Common Watch Repairs a Jeweler Should Always Fix

If you have a watch, then the last thing you want to experience is for it to stop running. Here are three everyday watch repairs a jeweler should always fix because they have the professional experience to ensure that the watch is fixed correctly and working properly for years to come. Since watches can be passed down from generation to generation, it’s crucial to ensure they are properly repaired.

1- Cleaning the Inside of a Watch Grate

Dirt and dust can build up inside a watch over time, especially if it’s not worn regularly. A watch grate is a small metal screen that covers the opening of the watch case to prevent this build-up. Over time, the grate can become clogged with dirt and dust, which can impede the movement of the watch hands.

To clean the inside of a watch grate, jewelers will use a soft brush or cloth to remove any debris gently. If the build-up is more stubborn, they may use a small pick or another tool to loosen it before brushing it away. Sometimes, the jeweler may need to disassemble the watch to properly access the grate and clean it.

2- Check for Damage

If your watch is damaged, it must be taken to a jeweler as soon as possible. They can assess the damage and determine if it can be repaired. It’s important to repair damage as soon as possible so the proper repairs can be made. Damage to a watch might seem minor to an untrained eye, but it could actually be detrimental to how the watch works. This is why a professional jeweler should always be the one to check for damage, and they will be able to offer expertise on how to have the watch properly repaired. Especially if it’s an heirloom watch, having a watch consistently checked for damage and needed maintenance is a must for every watch owner.

3– Replacing the Glass Face

Having the glass replaced on a watch face is quite a common repair needed for watches, and a professional jewelry repair service should always make this repair. Since the original glass face will have to be removed, replaced, and resealed, only professionals should handle this repair task.  Replacing and resealing the glass is harder than most people think. Knowing what to do and how to do it is not something that most people know about watch repairs so it’s best to let it be done correctly by a professional.

Certain watch repairs should always be done by a jeweler so they are done correctly. Whether it’s cleaning the inside of a watch grate, checking for damage and needed maintenance, or replacing the glass face, watch repairs should be left to a professional service. Even though you might think you can handle the repairs yourself, you could actually easily damage your watch without even realizing it. The next time your watch needs any type of repair work, it’s best to let a professional repair service handle them so you can rest easy knowing that your watch is properly repaired.