Car accidents are an unfortunate aspect of modern life. In fact, they have been since the invention of the automobile. While millions drive safely each day, there are an alarming number of crashes that take place each year. Even more alarming is the number of fatalities that occur as a result.

There are dozens of factors that go into these accidents, fatal or otherwise. Texting, speeding, and driving while intoxicated are major contributors. Another factor to consider in fatal accidents, however, is the safety of the automobile itself. One study set out to determine the least safe cars on the road, finding the 10 most deadly vehicles in the U.S.

1. Ford F-Series

Topping the list of deadliest cars is the Ford F-Series. It boasts a grim 10,845 fatal crashes, totaling 0.46 occupants killed per accident. There were 909,330 of these models sold in 2018 alone. This might be the most popular truck in America, but it’s far from the safest. 

2. Chevrolet Silverado

Chevy’s Silverado comes in second place and is the second pickup truck on the list. At 75 inches tall, it happens to be one of the tallest in the market. Whether that fact accounts for some of the 7,718 fatal accidents is unclear. At 585,581 models sold in 2018, there are plenty of these less-than-safe trucks on the road.

3. Honda Accord

Honda’s popular sedan model is currently the third most dangerous vehicle on the road. Its fatal accidents sit at 5,079 and counting. The Accord also proved more deadly for all occupants in the vehicle with a rate of 0.70 occupants killed per accident. Ford’s Mustang is the only car to top that rate.

4. Toyota Camry

Another popular sedan, Toyota’s Camry sold 343,439 models in 2018. It’s been involved in 4,734 fatal accidents during a five-year study. While you’re better protected in this vehicle than the accord with a rate of 0.59 occupants killed per crash, it’s still one you want to avoid if safety is a top priority.

5. Ram Pickup

Whatever the model, Ram’s pickup trucks all make the list and rest at number 5. You’re better protected in these bulky pickups with a fatality rate of 0.43 per accident, but the 5,987 accidents over the course of the study are troubling. The 2001 model saw the most wrecks.

Accidents and Compensation

Regardless of the make and model, surviving loved ones need skilled legal aid to seek the compensation they so rightfully deserve. The same goes for those who survive these crashes. It takes a professional with prior experience to go up against major manufacturers in court.

The best option is to seek out lawyers in your area with the expertise you need. To do that, start by typing the type of lawyer you need and your area into a search engine like Google. For example, you would search for “car accident lawyer bay area” if you lived in that part of California.

From there, you can utilize reviews and personal testimonies to determine if a lawyer is right for your case. It doesn’t matter if you found out the car involved is on this list or not, it’s your right to seek compensation. Speaking of, here are the rest of the cars on the most deadly list:

6. Honda Civic – 4,397 fatal crashes

7. Toyota Corolla – 3,430

8. Ford Explorer – 3,332

9. Nissan Altima – 3,267

10. GMC Sierra – 3,245