San Francisco, USA(Hexa PR Wire–November 22, 2023)The Omnia Institute, an organization dedicated to fostering global peace and spiritual connection, today announced its participation in the upcoming HORASIS Global Forum, set to take place in Australia on 26-27 November. Preity Upala, President of The Omnia Institute, will represent the organization at the forum, which includes the Indian Australian Economic summit.

About the HORASIS Global Forum

The HORASIS Global Forum is a platform that brings together leaders from emerging and developed markets to discuss and explore opportunities for sustainable growth and impact investing. The forum aims to foster cooperation and encourage the development of new ventures, with a focus on corporate excellence and positive organizational change.

Preity Upala’s Role at the Forum

At the forum, Ms. Preity Upala, will engage in discussions centered around creating a culture of growth and success in organizations. As a former investment banker, media personality, and entrepreneur, her diverse background provides her with unique insights into the challenges and opportunities in the global business landscape. Her participation is expected to add significant value to the conversations at the forum.

Background of Preity Upala

Preity Upala’s career spans across various industries and continents, having worked in both Hollywood and Bollywood. As the CEO of The Omnia Institute, she emphasizes the importance of global peace and spiritual endeavors. Her show, “The Preity Experience” on YouTube, along with her international travel series and upcoming book, reflect her commitment to these themes.

Expertise and Contributions

Ms. Upala is recognized as an international public speaker with expertise in geo-politics, international relations, diplomacy, conflict-resolution, globalization, soft power, and religion. Her insights have been featured in several publications, and she is a regular commentator on TV and radio shows globally, bringing astute political analysis to various platforms.

The Omnia Institute’s Mission

The Omnia Institute is committed to connecting people through spiritual endeavors and media productions, with a focus on fostering global peace and understanding. The participation in the HORASIS Global Forum aligns with the institute’s mission to contribute positively to global discussions and initiatives.

Contact Information

Preity Upala: 1-323-450-6187

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